A list of the best automotive easter eggs

Sometimes work can be boring. Just about every working adult can relate to this struggle—even car designers. So, what better way for an automotive design team to spice up the workday than to think of some easter eggs to implement in the car they’re designing? Easter eggs are small details that most car owners won’t... Continue Reading →

Canceled: cars as a subscription service

Remember when car subscriptions were going to be the next big thing, about three years ago? Manufacturers like Audi, Cadillac, Mercedes, BMW, and Volvo offered plans, and subscribers could pay a monthly fee to drive a selection of models rather than having to commit to one car for several years. It seemed intriguing, and had a... Continue Reading →

Worst cars of all time, from Aztec to Yugo

We see a lot of articles about exciting, beautiful cars. Whether it's a new model or an icon like a classic Mustang, everyone loves to read about and see pictures of the sexiest, highest-performance models. But what about the opposite of that? There's nothing like looking back on those other cars to help us appreciate... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Engine Technology

For over 100 years we've used the combination of air, fuel, and spark to power cars, but the way that we bring these things together has evolved over several eras. In the early years, engines were oversized, underpowered, and crude compared to what we’re used to today. For example, Cadillac’s 1930s V16, a 7.4 liter... Continue Reading →

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