10 Best Car Accessories Online Now

At TRED, we believe that you should love what you drive. That’s why we’re unveiling 10 of the coolest car accessories on the market right now. These are some of the most useful in-car gadgets online today, and they’re sure to make your trip more exciting. You might not be in the market for a

1) Rear Vision Back Up Camera


Price: $42.99 on Amazon.com
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This rear vision camera by LeeKooLuu comes with a crystal clear, 7-inch TFT LCD monitor. The image can be rotated horizontally or vertically, depending on preference. Complete with a waterproof camera lens and seven infrared LEDs, your vision remains clear. Regardless of lighting conditions or weather, the camera transmits an accurate picture. The backup camera also allows for a classic 150-degree viewing angle that guarantees enhanced safety. Besides that, the monitor starts automatically when the vehicle reverses, keeping things hands-free. Power cables come included and installation is a breeze, as well.

2) Hudway Glass


Price: $49.95 on HudwayGlass.com
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Hudway Glass is a fun accessory that works to turn your smartphone into a heads-up display (HUD) for any vehicle. It’s compatible with all smartphones and reflects any HUD apps that are on your cell phone. The apps are displayed within the driver’s line of sight, which allows for more eye contact with the road ahead. The glass plate is also transparent, and it allows you to clearly see the pavement in front of you. The reflected image is easy to see in any conditions, regardless of day or night lighting. In addition, Hudway Glass increases the smartphone’s image size by 20 percent to reduce eyestrain. It comes with a snap-on mount for easy installation and sticky pad to help keep your smartphone in place.

3) Antigravity Battery


Price: $132.00 on Amazon.com
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Te Antigravity Battery is the best-selling battery of its kind. It was even declared the winner of an industry “New Product Award” for its originality and ingenuity. It’s lightweight and small enough to fit into a pocket, but powerful enough to start vehicles and charge dead phones or tablets (many times). It’s a great thing to have on hand when the unthinkable happens and a jump-start is needed. Instead of sitting on the side of the road frustrated, you can be a hero in your Tinder date’s eyes with this one. Like a resourceful James Bond, nothing will stand in your way with the Antigravity Battery on board.

4) Digital Tire Gauge


Price: $10.79 on Amazon.com
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A tire pressure gauge is among the essential car accessories every driver should own, and this one is convenient, fun, and cool. Boost your #StreetCred at the gas station and whip out one of these bad boys before a road trip. It comes with a lighted nozzle and lighted display screen for prime visibility. The nozzle seals to your tire’s valve stem for quick reads that are incredibly accurate. Instead of using a standard tire pressure gauge and having to second-guess, this allows for precision. Also, the gauge turns off after 30 seconds to save battery life. It has an ergonomic design that fits well in the user’s hand and it has a non-slip surface for premium grip in rainy conditions. It easily fits into a glove box or center console and it so useful in a pinch.

5) Bluetooth FM Transmitter


Price: $21.99 on Amazon.com

The Bluetooth FM Transmitter from Mpow has a built-in microphone to enable hands-free calling while driving. For areas of the Pacific Northwest (psst: Washington) that have laws preventing drivers from using phones while driving, this is a huge perk. The transmitter allows drivers to safely focus on the road ahead while tending to calls. It comes with echo cancellation technology to give a clear sound, and adjustable neck, and a soft blue light that promises not to cause glare during nighttime drives. Along with calling, the Mpow transmitter can play music and charge electronics with its handy USB port. For commuters who are stuck in gridlock traffic often, this could easily be the king of car accessories.

6) Wet/Dry Vacuum


$20 at Target.com
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This vacuum was specifically designed for cleaning vehicle interiors. It can handle wet and dry messes and can run cordless or be plugged in using its 15-foot power cord. It connects to the car’s cigarette lighter and comes with LED lights that brighten up those hard-to-see crevices. There’s a washable filter that lasts for years, and the unit comes fully assembled. It’s great for adventurous drivers who like to get the car a little muddy on the weekends but need to keep the interior presentable for date nights. It also comes with an LED indicator that lets you know when it needs to be re-charged, if you choose to go cordless.

7) Dash Cam


Price: $190.00 on WheelWitness.com
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The HD Pro Camera by Wheel Witness has Super HD resolution, a 170-degree extra wide angle lens, and a motion detector. In the event of an accident, Wheel Witness includes a time and date stamp that drivers can reference to make reporting easier. It also has a 3.0-inch display screen that shows a crisp picture while in use. The HD Pro also enables cycling recording to ensure that you never run out of memory or miss a single moment. The best part? Installation is an absolute breeze and can be done in less than five minutes.

Note: The crisp screen captures everything you do, so keep that in mind if you decide to sneak through the drive-through and cheat on your summer diet. #YOLO

8) Car Mount for Phone

Price: $24.95 on Walmart.com
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The iOttie is a universal mounting solution that holds most smartphones, even with a case. It can also hold most GPS devices for drivers who like to have a Garmin close by. Assembly is quick and easy and allows for multiple case designs. The phone is attached to a small, strong magnetic plate using adhesive. The six rare earth magnets in the plate then securely connect to the mounting arm with six pounds of pull force. The spring-loaded lock feature provides a strong grip on the air vent and minimizes vibrations. Drivers are able to swivel the mount 360-degrees to get the best position possible.

9) Automatic Driving Assistant


Price: $80-$130, depending on package on Automatic.com
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The Automatic Driving Assistant turns everyone into a mechanic. When a dash light illuminates within the car, the driving assistant decodes the issue by connecting to the car’s computer. It then sends data to Automatic’s app and allows the driver to read more about the potential issue. When there are minor issues that don’t need to be fixed right away, it’ll allow the user to dismiss the issue and continue on their trip. If the issue is something major, it’ll suggest some well-reviewed mechanics near the car’s current location. If the vehicle gets into an accident, the car will notify emergency services and loved ones, and it will put you in touch with a live agent. The Automatic Driving Assistant creates a comforting driving experience for both passengers and drivers.

Note: This is one of the best car accessories to help give parents of new teen drivers some peace of mind thanks to its safety features and its resourcefulness.

10) Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor


Price: $64.95 on TheGPSStore.com
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Garmin recently paired up with Zumo to utilize their Tire Pressure Monitoring System. It communicates tire pressure information for motorcycle and vehicle drivers (up to four tires) during use. The unit uses an ANT wireless connection that monitors individual units on each tire. It can provide critical information that would alert a driver of a potential blowout prior to it occurring. It also notifies the driver when the tire pressure level(s) are outside of the driver’s pre-set range. This Bluetooth TPM comes with batteries that can last up to 18 months, as well.

Looking for More Car Accessories?

The TRED app makes a great in-car accessory that’s fun for passengers to browse. It also allows drivers to keep tabs on their car’s value and post it for sale as soon as the time is right. Use it to check out vehicles that are currently for sale, too, so that you can pick up something fun and new (to you). All of the cars on our website have passed our expertly-tailored 150-point inspection. This means that they’re healthy and ready to be loaded with all of these fun car accessories.

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