13 Ways to Hack Your Garage (to Make Space for Your New Car)

Thinking about buying a car with us? As you prepare for that deeply satisfying moment when you drive home in your shiny new best friend, it might have occurred to you that—oops—there’s barely enough space in the garage to pull it in, what with all the general clutter of living.

To help you out, here’s a bit of inspiration for getting your garage organized, cleaned up and new car-ready.


1. Use an old file cabinet to store your garden tools.


2. … or use an old pallet.


3. Store your recycling bins on the wall.


4. … and store other things in bins on ceiling tracks.


5. Get out the label-maker.

hack your garage_labels


6. Use a magnetic knife rack to keep drill bits in order.

hack your garage_magnetic knife rack


7. Use pegboards. Lots of pegboards.

hack your garage_pegboard


8. Fill a wall with basket-based storage.

hack your garage_basket stoage


9. Use Ikea shelving to make the mudroom vertical.

hack your garage_mudroom


10. Hack a custom bike rack.

hack your garage_bike rack


11.  Give vintage metal lockers a new lease on life.

hack your garage_metal lockers


12. More ceiling storage!

hack your garage_moreceiling storage


13. … and even more ceiling storage!

hack your garage_ceiling storage


Have an idea for organizing your new car’s home? Share away!

Top image credit: Scott Akerman

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