14 Reasons We Love Manual Transmissions

Fact: you get a thrill from driving a manual car that no automatic vehicle will give you. But that’s not the only reason we love manual transmissions! See why these vehicles have a special place in our hearts.

#1. Manual cars tend to cost less than automatics. You can expect to pay around $1,000 less for a manual transmission.

#2. A manual has more power than an automatic. An automatic Dodge Neon has a 0 – 60 MPH time of approximately 10.5 seconds, whereas the manual Neon reaches 60 MPH in a very respectable 8.1 seconds (source: Wikihow)

#3. You automatically make a new BFF anytime you meet someone else who drives stick.

#4. If the battery in an automatic car is flat, you’ll need the equipment and the knowledge to start it again. But, life’s much easier if you have a manual car – just give it a rolling start.

#5. People who drive stick here can drive perfectly well abroad. As for those who’ve only ever driven automatics, let’s just say they have a bumpy ride ahead of them!

#6. When you drive a manual car, you need to concentrate a little harder. Texting or eating is too difficult when you’re busy changing gears. Thanks to your choice of car, you’re a better driver.petrol-996617_1920

#7. Most manual cars deliver better fuel economy than their automatic counterparts. In fact, you can improve your fuel efficiency by up to 15%. (Note: this does vary from car to car, so be sure to do your research if this is an important factor in your choice of vehicle.)

#8. If you know how to drive stick, you’re lucky enough to be able to drive the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, Ford Focus ST and Honda Civic Type R – all vehicles that are a blast to drive and only available as manual transmissions.

#9. It’s so much easier to change the fluid – just pull the plug out and drain it. In contrast, you need to undo lots of little bolts in an automatic, then somehow drop the oil pan and filter (all without spilling hot oil on yourself).

#10. Manual cars use gear oil. This doesn’t deteriorate as quickly as automatic transmission fluid, so it doesn’t need changed as frequently.

#11.No car is easy to fix, but a manual transmission is less complex to repair than an automatic. (Meaning it’s easier for you to do yourself, or less costly if you prefer to pay a mechanic.)

#12. Manual cars are less mechanically complex than automatics, so there is less to go wrong. That all adds up to less time at the mechanic.

#13. Some thieves are completely stumped when it comes to manual vehicles. They generally don’t know how to drive them, so leave them alone. We love this news story on the carjacker from California who bailed when he realized he didn’t know how to drive stick!

#14. No one will want to borrow your car. Great news for those of us who aren’t sharers…


Even though modern automatic cars can outperform some manual vehicles, it’s undeniable that there’s something about the latter that gets adrenaline pumping. Being more connected to the car and the road upgrades driving from an action you have to do to get from A to B, to an experience you want to have.

So why are only 10% of cars manufactured in America equipped with manual transmission? It’s not so hard to work out when you consider how the average driver spends their time on the road – in stop-start traffic. Quite simply, automatics are easier. Moreover, the newest automatics can shift gear quicker than any human. They’re also good when it comes to hybrid power efficiency.

Manuals might be considered yesterday’s technology, but that certainly doesn’t stop us loving them.

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