5 Cars For Moms Who Despise Minivans

Minivans, also known as people-movers, are smaller vans with a box-type design intended for maximum interior volume.  That being said, they’re often associated with “moms” as they are practical for transporting kids, carseats, and other family members.  The design, however, is up for debate. For those moms out there who are looking for practicality but just can’t see themselves driving a minivan, here are a few alternative options:

1)    BMW X3 – From luxury to power, the X3 has it all. This is for the driving enthusiast moms that want a sporty experience while still having enough space for their children, along with all of their toys.

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2)    Volvo XC90 – Consistently rated as one of the safest cars in its class, this Volvo lives up to the title and boasts great additional interior accessories, such as rear seat entertainment and integrated Bluetooth so you can keep the kids busy and your hands on the wheel. With seven seats, this car can hold you, your children, and your grandma and grandpa.

3)    Subaru Outback – This car is for the moms that love getting their kids outdoors. Whether hiking, skiing, or camping, the Outback offers everything from ski racks to bike racks. With plenty of space in the trunk and all-wheel drive, the Outback will keep everything you need safe on the mountains.

4)    Toyota Prius – While not as large as other contenders on the list, the Prius is extremely quiet, allowing the kids to get some sleep (hopefully), while saving a ton on gas at the same time. If you commute in the city, are constantly picking up and dropping off your kids, or prioritize fuel efficiency, then this is the option for you.

5)    Honda CR-V – Albeit the least expensive on the list, the CR-V was awarded best compact SUV for its price. This option has great family features, it’s reliable, and it’s also fuel-efficient.

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