6 Cars Perfect for Seattle Sports

If you’re from the Pacific Northwest like us, there’s a pretty good chance that you enjoy driving AND a bit of adventure. After all, we have a gorgeous environment with lots of room to play; adventurous souls will find a lot to love in this part of the world. Are you a climber? Surfer? Snowboarder? Or maybe you like getting outside and far away from the things of man. Either way, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we look at some of the best cars for enjoying the outdoors. And if you’re looking to find a car for your next adventure, check out what we have for you right now.

  1. Fishing. If you’re headed out for a relaxing day fishing on Lake Washington, there’s no better car for it than the Jeep Cherokee Latitude. Equipped with four terrain modes and plenty of storage space for your gear, this SUV will take you out into the wilderness in style. And if you catch a chill, no problem—heated seats.
  2. Climbing. Climbers who make mini road trips every weekend—when the weather’s good—know that getting good gas mileage crucial. The Prius is a good fit, with awesome mileage, space for crash pads, and a pretty nice first aid kit that comes standard.
  3. Surfing. When the surf’s good, all you really need is some wheels and roof rack to get there. The Hyundai Tucson is a nice, economical SUV with decent mileage, space for five plus a dog, and a rear window that opens for extra boards.
  4. Camping. Among the gentler adventure sports, depending who you go with, the main challenge of camping is getting everything you need into one vehicle. Whether you prefer Salt Creek or Snoqualmie National Forest, camping or glamping, a Ford Excursion is seriously well equipped for all of the above. It’s got space to spare and is well able to handle off-roading. Plus, it’s plenty comfortable enough to sleep in if the going gets tough.
  5. Mountain biking. You probably like your car like you like your bikes: sturdy and swift. For trips up Buck Mountain, the BMW X3 is a winner, with a solid roof rack, space inside for lots of people and gear, good gas mileage and a smooth ride. Brand new tires on this one, too.
  6. Tailgating. Okay, so technically it’s not a sport, but tailgating IS one of the main things that gets folks outside, especially as football season starts to rev up, and especially because Seattle is home to the 2014 Superbowl champs! As for cars that work for you tailgaters, the Ford F-150 is pretty much the classic choice, with the ability to haul your grill, the food, and the kitchen sink.

No matter what your sport, there’s bound to be a car that’s got everything you need in our current lineup at Tred.com. Come do some window shopping! Have something to ask or add? We’re listening! Tweet to us or leave a comment below.

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