Detroit: Still “The” Auto Show

Many new models and future concepts were introduced to the world this year at Detroit’s Auto Show. Let’s take a look!

The Detroit show is a great reminder that automakers are continuously striving for the best in order to deliver satisfaction to all sorts of drivers. As our world turns, there is always an emphasis on the green life but how about remembering what should also be important when choosing a new car.. is it fun to drive?

Nissan jumps in with their Sport Sedan Concept, concentrating on pleasing its audience with sport car accents along with the practicality of a family friendly sedan. Vice president Shiro Nakamura says, “The Sport Sedan Concept captures that essence with bold and exciting sports-car design and proportions.” How very true indeed. This concept is about the same size as Nissan’s Maxima but with the correct changes in body lines, it’s no doubt this sedan will turn heads with ease. With interior and exterior features including high-contrast colors and metallic accents, this may be a quicker way to Nissan’s younger demographic as well.


Mercedes comes through with their GLA45 AMG that clearly states, “SUVs can have just as much fun”. With the power of a C-class sedan, Benz took a deep stride to market towards younger families who aren’t quite ready to opt for a minivan. According to Autoweek, The GLA45 will be making 355 hp and peak torque of 332 lb-ft. It’s the world’s most powerful series-production engine. This crossover offers a dual clutch transmission along with a race start acceleration mode for when your kids are late for soccer practice.

Mercedes GLA45 AMG

Along with many other debuts and concept introductions, the Detroit Auto Show never ceases to surprise. With how quickly technology moves today, it’s nice to have options, right? With a continuous update in models in the automotive industry, Tred allows easy accessibility to the latest, such as the GLA45, right to your doorstep.

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