A list of the best automotive easter eggs

Sometimes work can be boring. Just about every working adult can relate to this struggle—even car designers. So, what better way for an automotive design team to spice up the workday than to think of some easter eggs to implement in the car they’re designing?

Easter eggs are small details that most car owners won’t even notice, but that are worked into a car’s production as a way for designers to leave their mark, and to bring a smile to the odd owner or two that actually does notice them. So, to honor the efforts of the manufacturers that took the time to have a little bit of fun with their products, this article will go over some of the most clever, entertaining and sometimes silly easter eggs over the years.

Dodge Ram TRX Intake Cartoon

The Dodge Ram TRX has just recently been released. It’s chock-full of some fantastic easter eggs, most of which have to do with its main competitor: the Ford Raptor. This easter egg in particular is an especially direct jab at the Raptor: it’s a picture of a T-Rex eating a Velociraptor, and it’s printed on the airbox of the Dodge Ram TRX.

It symbolizes the TRX’s (represented by the T-Rex) ability to well outperform and overpower the Raptor. (After the Raptor has dominated the high-performance pickup truck market for the better part of a decade!) With a 700hp Hellcat powertrain, the image in this easter egg may not be much of an exaggeration. I’m glad the folks over at Dodge put it in there for us to chuckle at, and for Ford to be upset with.

Hummer EV Moon Boot Pedal

The Hummer EV isn’t even out yet, but some pre-release press overviews reveal that it has a few fun easter eggs hidden throughout. Most of these easter eggs are lunar-themed, perhaps alluding to the spaceship-like nature of the futuristic new EV. Our favorite lunar-themed easter egg is the moon boot shaped dead pedal (i.e. footrest) in the driver’s foot well.

Hummer could’ve saved a few bucks and put in a normal-shaped dead-pedal, but they went the extra mile and shape it like an astronaut’s boot, and I appreciate that. Plus, it gives drivers a taste of the astronaut life as they use the Hummer EV’s “Watts to Freedom” mode that rockets the massive EV to 60mph faster than you can say “Watts to Freedom!”

Jeep Gladiator Factory Area Code

Everyone has pride in their hometown, especially the folks that work at Jeep’s plant in Toledo, Ohio. These factory workers have so much pride in their hometown, in fact, that they stamped the Toledo area code “419” into the bedliner of Jeep’s Gladiator pickup, and put a heart next to it as well. This easter egg is a fun nod to Jeep’s pride in selling an American-built pickup. It’s also neat that they displayed it so prominently on the exterior of the truck, not hidden inside like most easter eggs.

Jeep Renegade “Ciao Baby” Spider

The Jeep Renegade is absolutely littered with easter eggs, over a dozen of them, in fact. I attribute this to the fact that the Renegade is often marketed as a fun, young little crossover, so Jeep wanted to have some fun building it, as well. It also gave dealers the ability to build hype around the “Renegade Easter Egg hunt” to help sell the car.

Regardless of the reasoning for it, the Renegade has a ton of easter eggs, and the best of them all is found next to the fuel filler door, where a small spider saying, “Ciao Baby!” is there to greet you. This is a nod to the Renegade being built alongside the Italian Fiat 500X, and it’s a nice little surprise for gas station attendants and owners when they go to fill up their Renegade.

Volvo XC90 Spider Web Lid

Oddly enough, there are two spider-themed easter eggs on this list. The second of the two comes from our Swedish friends at Volvo, who decided to build a spider web and cartoon spider into the underside of a rear seat storage bin in the XC90 SUV.

Unlike the Jeep Renegade’s spider, this one doesn’t have any particular meaning as far as I am aware. Volvo knew families would be purchasing this car. So they put this fun little hidden easter egg in the rear seat so toddlers would smile when they went looking for a place to stash their chicken nuggets. It’s an undoubtedly cute sentiment from Volvo.

C4 Corvette Convertible “pastime” engravings

Rounding out our list of favorite automotive easter eggs is a clever one from 1990’s General Motors. In early to mid-90s C4 Corvette convertibles, Chevy stamped pictures of a baseball and bat, a hot dog, an apple pie, and a Chevy bowtie. They stamped it into the metal, under the carpet, behind the passenger seat, in the speaker housing of the car. Some seemingly obscure images, in a very obscure location.

I find this easter egg especially hilarious for two reasons: 1) the images without context are just so random and funny. 2) the location is so obscure that even Chevy must’ve known that practically no one would see them, but they put them there anyway!

However, with context the images aren’t as random, but are still pretty funny. It is alleged that these stamped images are a throwback to this old Chevy commercial. That commercial likens Chevrolet’s “American-ness” to that of American staples like baseball, apple pie and hot dogs. Whether you agree that the Corvette is as American as baseball, the Corvette hot dog is an all-time great automotive easter egg. 

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