Fisker is Back! (maybe…)

There was a time (about two years ago) when an outrageous sports car flew around US highways silently, until it burst into flames!  Those were the days of Fisker and those were real flames!  Fire aside, Fisker fans worry not, your car is returning from the dead and it might be back on highways sooner... Continue Reading →

Nokian Transformer Tires

Jalopnik calls them James Bond Tires, Motor Trend calls them Go Go Gadget Tires, and Daily Mail Calls them Batman Tires.  No matter what protagonist they're named after, the new Nokian winter tires earn super hero monikers. These new concept tires from the innovators at Nokian have performance winter tread for slick weather conditions.  But... Continue Reading →

February Infographics

It's February!  You'll hear a lot about Valentine's Day, President's Day, and Black History Month, but you may also notice the Boy Scout's Birthday, Fly a Kite Day, and the new Tred Info-graphics. This month Toyota has continued to reign as our most delivered brand but Mazda has increased in popularity enough to challenge Ford... Continue Reading →

EV’s Are Awesome – WTF WA?

Electric Vehicles ("EV's") are getting cheaper, faster and more useful everyday.  So why is Washington state missing out on so many of them? According to the NYTimes, EV's are outperforming their gasoline cousins!  Jim Motavalli, a regular contributor to the NYTimes, Car Talk, and, and a man with 'in seat' experience in countless green... Continue Reading →

Tred December Infographics

Happy 2014 Tred blog readers! It's a brand new year full of possibilities, resolutions and infographics! December was our biggest month yet.  From a brand perspective, Toyota continues to be our most requested name, followed by Honda, Ford, Mazda, Nissan and Subaru.  We also saw an uptick in luxury brand requests for the holidays - almost enough to... Continue Reading →

TRED November Infographics

Hello TRED community.  Monthly update time is upon us.  As the Emerald City flirts will snow flurries, we're seeing a steady uptick in shoppers looking at SUVs and Trucks.  And as more shoppers share the word about TRED, we're seeing test drive volume grow at a very aggressive rate - November was our biggest month yet,... Continue Reading →

Do It Your Self Auto Repair Guide

Tred has some good news for all of the auto repair hobbyists and "DIY" folks out there trying to keep their cars looking and running in tip top shape.  Maybe your warranty just ran out and you recently received your first regular maintenance bill.  Maybe you want to teach your son or daughter how to take... Continue Reading →

Hydrogen Powered Cars

At this year's Los Angeles Auto Show, three automakers revealed hydrogen fuel cell cars, one of which will be available for purchase this year!  Without further ado, the new three. Hyundai - Hydrogen Powered Tuscon On sale: Spring of 2013 in Southern California Cost: Three Year Lease $495/month (includes hydrogen fuel) USA Today Video: Honda,... Continue Reading →

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