Top Car Games for Holiday Travel

What comes to mind when you hear "family road trip"? Nightmare? The whine of “Are we there yet?” every five minutes from the backseat? Five hours of I Spy? Fortunately, there IS a way to turn your road trip into a fun experience this holiday season. Not convinced? Bring on the car games! Free Car Games: Let’s... Continue Reading →

When Should I Sell My Car?

There aren't too many certainties in life, but one thing you can be sure of is that whatever you drive, one day you'll need to sell your car. It's not a case of IF, but WHEN. The hard part is knowing when to sell your car. Should you drive your car until it's a pile... Continue Reading →

Used Car Mileage: How Much is Too Much?

As you prepare to sell and/or buy a car, you’ll no doubt be considering the issue of used car mileage, from how it affects what the buyer will pay, to the implications for actually owning the car, to the investment value over the longer term. It’s useful to think about this in terms of “mileage... Continue Reading →

Car Shopping Tips for New Drivers

When it comes to choosing the right car for your newly licensed teen, extreme precaution is warranted. As a teen, life changes rapidly, and the patience and attention required to be safe on the road doesn't always come naturally. Aside from training your teen to be safe on the road (CELL PHONE IN THE GLOVEBOX IF THE CAR... Continue Reading →

Top 8 Cars for Dogs

We get it - your pup is part of your family and even sleeps in the same bed with you. Don't you believe he/she deserves just as much comfort as you do when it comes to traveling? According to the Humane Society, 78.2 million people are dog owners. In light of these numbers, keeping your canine... Continue Reading →

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