Safest cars 2019: here are your best options

With all of the recent advances in technology and materials, it’s easy to take car safety for granted. The bar is high, and most modern cars are very safe compared to previous decades. But if you have a family, a new baby, or are regularly driving children around, you’re probably interested in the very safest... Continue Reading →

Starring cars: takes and mistakes

Have you ever wondered about all the cars you see on TV shows, and in movies? Where do the studios get them? Why do ongoing characters’ cars sometimes change into a different model year or color? There are two primary ways that studios get the cars they use in productions: product placement from manufacturers, and... Continue Reading →

Lemon laws: are you protected?

“I just got a lemon.” You’ve probably heard of cars referred to this way, when one thing after another goes wrong. If you've experienced this with your car, your state may have laws that will provide significant protection and a resolution for your problems. Why do we call it that? No one origin of the... Continue Reading →

Common car scams and how to avoid them

Buying or selling a car is a big transaction—so scammers and thieves have come up with elaborate ways to exploit the process. Here are some of the most common schemes and techniques to watch out for, and the best ways to protect yourself. Title washing You may have heard the phrase “clean title” when referring... Continue Reading →

Getting your car ready to sell

When you're preparing to sell your car, there are a few things to you can do to be more successful, and to protect yourself. Here are a few things to keep in mind: Clean it up This seems like common sense, but it’s always surprising how many people don’t do it. Even if your car... Continue Reading →

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