REAL ID: new deadline and what you need to know

We’ve all been hearing about REAL ID for the past couple of years. It’s an ID card or driver license that is also a federally recognized form of identification. That extra security means that the application and verification process is a lot more involved than just renewing a regular license, and REAL ID appointments were... Continue Reading →

Modern cars most likely to become collectible

Cars are what’s generally known as a ‘depreciating asset’. They’re not an investment, they’re going to be worth less as time goes on. But there are a few exceptions—the ones that are rare and/or particularly prized among enthusiasts and likely to become collectible. They may not depreciate at the same rate as most cars, and... Continue Reading →

Motor oil for your car: what you need to know

Motor oil is basically the lifeblood of your car’s engine. It serves as lubricant for all wearing surfaces, and without it, your engine will seize and be permanently damaged, if not destroyed. As important as oil is, equally important is the type of oil you use. There are several different types, and you have to... Continue Reading →

The best cars for dog lovers

After sheltering in place for a year, if you didn’t have a dog going into the pandemic, there’s a good chance you have one now. And your dog probably hasn’t spent much—if any—time alone, since you’ve been home most of the time. So you’re going to want to take your best friend with you everywhere.... Continue Reading →

Buying a seized car: what you should know

Most of us have seen movies or TV shows in which cars—often fancy ones—are seized from drug dealers and other criminals. And we’ve heard rumors about how those cars are auctioned off. (That is, when Crockett and Tubbs types don’t end up driving them as part of their cover in vice!) But how does buying... Continue Reading →

How much is your car worth?

If you’re getting ready to sell a car, one of the most important things to know is what you can get for it—what’s it really worth, and what’s the best way to price it? There are a few sources that are good key indicators to help you determine what your car is worth. Look it... Continue Reading →

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