Modern cars most likely to become collectible

Cars are what’s generally known as a ‘depreciating asset’. They’re not an investment, they’re going to be worth less as time goes on. But there are a few exceptions—the ones that are rare and/or particularly prized among enthusiasts and likely to become collectible. They may not depreciate at the same rate as most cars, and... Continue Reading →

Does your car fake it? Phony engine noises exposed

As car technology improves, insulation, materials, and engine design have also gotten better—which means there’s a lot less noise in the cabin. Less road and engine noise is generally desirable and associated with luxury and higher-end cars. Generally. But certain types of drivers, in certain types of cars, actually want to hear some engine and... Continue Reading →

5 cars that are surprisingly good on gas

With gas prices in the stratosphere the last few months, we’re all rethinking the cars we drive, and maybe even the cars we thought we wanted to buy next. SUVs and pickups have been among the best-selling new cars for years, but now almost everyone is starting to think about whether it might be time... Continue Reading →

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