The best cars for dog lovers

If you didn’t have a dog going into the pandemic, there’s a good chance you have one now. And your dog probably hasn’t spent much—if any—time alone, since you’ve been home most of the time. So you’re going to want to take your best friend with you everywhere. Or at least as much as you... Continue Reading →

Detail your car like a pro

Do you need to pay for a professional car detail? You really don’t. With a relatively small investment, and a little time, you can do your own professional car detailing in the comfort of your own driveway. For this article, we’ll focus on the exterior of your car. While we’re all spending more time at... Continue Reading →

Worst cars of all time, from Aztec to Yugo

We see a lot of articles about exciting, beautiful cars. Whether it's a new model or an icon like a classic Mustang, everyone loves to read about and see pictures of the sexiest, highest-performance models. But what about the opposite of that? There's nothing like looking back on those other cars to help us appreciate... Continue Reading →

Pain at the pump: how to take the edge off

Gas prices in general seem to always be going up. In May 2021, they reached a 7-year high. And in recent weeks Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing sanctions have made them spiral even higher. But in addition to obvious factors that impact the baseline, there are fluctuations with each month, day, and even... Continue Reading →

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