Car Shopping Made Easier

The internet has changed the way we buy things, and cars are no exception.  Ten years ago, car shoppers would visit an average of five dealerships in their process of searching for a new ride.  A recent article by CNBC states that today most car shoppers do their research online first, therefore they don’t find... Continue Reading →

Survey Says: Plug-in Hybrids Take the Lead

Diesels? Hybrids? Electric Cars?  It’s a constant debate-- which route to go in when purchasing a new vehicle. We see them on the road, and of course, there are plenty of marketing stories, fabricated by OEM’s, enthusiasts, and the like, to make us think one is better than the other.  But what do consumers want?... Continue Reading →

‘Merican Muscle: 2015 Ford Mustang

Revealed worldwide earlier this month, the redesigned 2015 Ford Mustang holds on to its classic muscle-car shape, and marks the milestone half-century production of the all-American pony car.  However, Chris Woodyard of the USA Today is among the many who believe that modern cars “risk losing their originality and spunk.” Does the new Mustang follow... Continue Reading →

Best Selling Cars By State

Do you ever wonder what the top selling car is in your state?  It turns out that Ford leads the pack by brand and by model.  The F-series family of trucks is top selling in more than 30 states across the country!  A few states feel otherwise-- for example the Honda Accord is preferred in VA... Continue Reading →

Who Do You Trust To Develop Self-Driving Cars?

Who do you trust to develop self-driving cars?  Tech companies like Google?  Automakers like BMW?  Electric car companies like Tesla?  Consumer product companies like Samsung or Apple? recently asked consumers just that, and here's how people responded: "I'd trust an automaker over a tech company" - 54% "I'd trust Tesla" - 18% "I'd trust... Continue Reading →

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