Best Seattle Car Buying Services

Most people buy cars infrequently, but technology changes with lightning speed.  As a result, we find that car shoppers often don't know about the car shopping services that are available to them.  So, we're about to give you a bunch of info on Seattle car shopping services that might be perceived to be competitive to... Continue Reading →

Driving Tips: 17 Must Have Items

Despite all of the technology found in cars today, along with convenience of roadside assistance, there are certain items that you should always have in your car.  Perhaps you get a flat tire, or your in-car navigation system freezes:  a tire-pressure gauge and a good old fashioned map would come in handy.  If a symbol... Continue Reading →

Bring Home the Bacon!

So where’s the bacon?  It’s on the Ford Fiesta these days!  Perhaps you saw the pic we recently tweeted, but I felt this topic rendered a bit of elaboration.  Sorry, I just had to….for the love of bacon! Ford has come out with bacon vinyl wraps, i.e. custom graphics, to pimp your ride.  Yes, ladies... Continue Reading →

Volvo Gets Sexy

And it’s finally revealed…. the sexy and sophisticated new Volvo Concept Coupe.  Yes, I am referring to Volvo, and the coupe is set to make it’s debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.  Designed in-house, by Volvo’s new Senior VP of Design, Thomas Ingenlath, the vehicle is sort of a modern take on the the P1800... Continue Reading →

Americans Are Driving Less

Despite an increase in new vehicle sales, the total number of miles driven in the U.S. has decreased by .1% during the first half of this year.  Now I know .1% may not sound like a lot, but it equates to 1.4 billion miles! The Federal Highway Administration estimated that Americans drove 2.96 trillion miles... Continue Reading →

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