Top Ten Car Chases: Part 2

If you missed our first installment of top car chases from movies of yore, get your priorities straight (and see it here). Alas, we bring home our five favorites. Hopefully you never find yourself in the same position as these heroes, but if you do, always remember to wear your safety belt, and to pull... Continue Reading →

Meet the Most Popular Cars In Seattle

Greetings Tred community! Our test drive numbers for July are in, and we thought we'd share them. We plan to start incorporating test drive data into our site so that you can use it to help you figure out what other drivers are test driving, writing and sharing. For now, you'll have to settle for these interactive charts. Enjoy!   🙂

Top Ten Car Chases: Part 1

The car chase is a Hollywood icon (although if you watch Fox News, you’re occasionally lucky enough to view the real thing). Assembling a list of favorite chases is a harrowing task, and requires deep research into movies of the muscle car 70’s, the screwball 80’s, the special effects-driven 90’s and beyond. Luckily, we are... Continue Reading →

Autonomous Cars: Cozier and Safer

The Audi A6 comes with a lane assist feature that keeps it in lane, and an adaptive cruise control feature that can handle stop and go driving. With these features engaged, today’s drivers can safely fall asleep in freeway traffic - until they need to change lanes, anyway. With Google, VW and the State of... Continue Reading →

Top 11 Car Commercials: Part 2

In case you missed the first half of our car commercial rankings, you can find them here. Without further ado, our five favorites: 5. Big Day (Volkswagen Jetta VR6) You might not be the right guy for dad, but that doesn’t mean you’re not the perfect guy for her. Does this make us want to... Continue Reading →

The Internet is Saving the Car Buyer

Previously we provided some perspective on car makers and car dealers, and the challenges they face in the modern economy. This post throws some love to car shoppers. Shopping for a car should be easy, exciting and fun. In reality, some people find it stressful, confusing and frustrating. Car buying can be stressful because it’s... Continue Reading →

Top 11 Car Commercials: Part 1

If you’ve ever turned on a TV, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of ads are car related. Given the size of the US auto industry, the frequency of car commercials is unsurprising. US new car revenue is estimated to be $345 billion this year, which leaves plenty of cheddar for snazzy ads ($23 billion,... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Funniest Car Scenes

As with our coolest movie cars rankings, we’ve done some digging, and have listed our ten funniest car-related movie scenes of all time. Once again, we debated these rankings heavily (no Facebook de-friending this time, thank goodness). While we aren’t in complete agreement over this list, we do agree that Jim Carey and Mike Myers... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Movie Cars of All Time: Part 2

To recap, our grading system includes 100 possible points and takes into account a car’s customization (40 possible points), its coolness (30 possible points), and its thematic relevance in its respective TV show or movie (30 possible points). If you missed it, you can check out Part 1 of our rankings here. Without further ado,... Continue Reading →

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