Detroit: Still “The” Auto Show

Many new models and future concepts were introduced to the world this year at Detroit’s Auto Show. Let's take a look! The Detroit show is a great reminder that automakers are continuously striving for the best in order to deliver satisfaction to all sorts of drivers. As our world turns, there is always an emphasis on... Continue Reading →

Dealer Spotlight – Burien Chevrolet

Tred aims to deliver white glove service to new car shoppers.  The only way we accomplish this is through our partnerships with quality Seattle dealerships.  One of these dealerships is Burien Chevrolet.  Open for 35 years, they are well-ingrained in their local communities, and the Number #1 Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid dealership in Western Washington.... Continue Reading →

TRED’s Holi-Day of Service

TRED is officially caught up in the holiday spirit. Last week we took a day to help out Northwest Harvest and Senior Services. We had a blast. Here's what happened: Happy Holidays. The miracle of light. Joy to the world. So much to be excited about. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.  

TRED at the Seattle Home Show

TRED was lucky enough to invade the Seattle Home Show last month, and we took a keen interest in that most neglected of rooms - the garage.  Mothballs and motor oil live there.  So do rats, squirrels, and spiders.  What do you keep in it?  Is there any room for cars?  Did you convert it into... Continue Reading →

Dealer Spotlight: University Mazda

You've already heard it from our customers, Tred partners with quality dealerships in Seattle.  With open arms these local dealerships allow us to deliver cars from their lots to test drive at your doorstep.  Even before Tred, they were providing great service to their customers and community.  We sat down with University Mazda, the oldest... Continue Reading →

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