Showcasing Your Car to Sell

Showcasing your car to sell is similar to staging a house to sell. Both require time, effort and a little bit of budgeting. If you do it right, it is certainly all worth it. Making the decision to sell your car gives you all of the feels. For some, it is the beginning of a... Continue Reading →

Leasing vs. Buying A Car

  Leasing vs. buying a car: that is the question. Considering leasing vs. buying a car is tough stuff. The decision is complicated by a person’s financial situation, acknowledgment of how they plan to use it and where they hope to go (i.e. commute to work, chauffeuring the kids, road tripping, errands, Tinder dates, etc.) Like many other... Continue Reading →

TREDs Top 10: How to Winterize Your Car

Calling all Seattleites or –ites of similar cities. We've put together a comprehensive guide to help you winterize your car + a handy infographic below. The blustery, icy, unpredictable Seattle winters can easily turn socialites into homebodies and cubicle workers into telecommuters. At TRED, we want you to go about errands and commutes safely, no matter the... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Best Commuter Cars

Nobody brags about commuting. It is an unfortunate reality that 86% of U.S. workers face every day. As a result, auto manufacturers are coming up with bigger and better ideas to design cars that give commuters more peace of mind (and less road rage). But which features matter most when searching for the best commuter cars? The... Continue Reading →

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