Best choices for a first car: the top 5 picks

Buying a first car is one of the most exciting moments of one’s youth: it symbolizes a transition away from parental dependence, a step towards adulthood, and a first foray into the lifelong responsibility that is car ownership. Additionally, for most young drivers, buying your first car will likely be the biggest purchase that you’ve... Continue Reading →

Should you buy a car with an accident history?

When shopping for used cars, information is king. And if information is king, accident history is the king of kings. Besides basics like price and mileage, a car’s accident history is perhaps the number one piece of information that shoppers are interested in obtaining when they’re searching for their next car. And what’s more, people... Continue Reading →

Most fun cars you can buy for under $10k

There is a common misconception about the most fun cars, that you need to spend big bucks in order to own a cool, fun, or interesting performance-oriented car. The prevalence of this misconception should come as no surprise, as big dollar supercars tend to dominate auto news and media. In reality, however, you don’t need... Continue Reading →

Buying a certified pre-owned car: is it worth it?

If you’re like me, you probably spend a more-than-reasonable amount of your free time perusing car listing sites just to see what’s out there. Or, perhaps you’re actually in the market for your next car. Whichever the case, chances are that you’ve come across the term “Certified Pre-Owned,” frequently abbreviated as CPO. CPO is a... Continue Reading →

A list of the best automotive easter eggs

Sometimes work can be boring. Just about every working adult can relate to this struggle—even car designers. So, what better way for an automotive design team to spice up the workday than to think of some easter eggs to implement in the car they’re designing? Easter eggs are small details that most car owners won’t... Continue Reading →

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