Top 5 Scenic Drives Around Seattle

#5 Alki Ave SW to Beach Drive SW in West Seattle

alki beach SW

On a hot summer day this may be the most heavily trafficked drive on this list but even though it’s slow going, the views are great (particularly when you have a top down convertible).

alki beach drive SW

This road isn’t especially windy or engaging, but it sports Seattle’s best beachfront and there are a lot of car meet-ups in the area.

#4 Magnolia Blvd West

Magnolia blvd Way Even though this isn’t the longest bit of road, the iconic views of the downtown skyline make it a must drive. When driving north, you get a fantastic view of Elliot Bay and the Olympic Mountains. When heading south, you are able to see the Space Needle along with a postcard view of downtown Seattle. Even though this is a driving list, I highly recommend parking and walking around a bit. If you’re into photography, it’s hard to take an ugly picture here.

Magnolia Blvd West

#3 S Frink Place to Lake Washington Blvd S

S Frink Place to Lake WA blvd SDriving south on S Frink Place takes you through a forest so dense, light barely filters through the trees. Even though it’s a short stretch of asphalt, the feeling of driving through a Pacific Northwest Rainforest is too cool not to mention. Once you turn right onto Lake Washington Blvd, you break through the trees and get stunning views of the interstate 90 bridge going over lake Washington. Drive further south to beautiful Seward park and you will know why this drive is #3 on the list.

S Frink Place

#2 – Mercer Island Loop (W Mercer Way to East Mercer Way)

W Mercer Way

Looking for a long road with great views and many twists and turns? This one has you covered! With blind hairpin turns, multimillion dollar homes and waterfront views, this road has a lot to offer.

W Mercer Way

Many of the switchback turns are also banked, which adds to the enjoyment of the drive. Make sure to watch out for walkers and bikers though, as the road is heavily trafficked by both on sunny days.

#1 Northbound Viaduct

Alaskan Way ViaductThis may not be the best driving road on the list but it jumps to the top because you won’t be able to experience it much longer. Construction is currently underway for the Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement tunnel and that means that the double decker above ground Alaskan Way Viaduct will probably be demolished in 2019 (if the already delayed tunnel is completed on time). When driving northbound on the elevated section of State Route 99, you get majestic views of the Elliott Bay waterfront and the Industrial District on your left. On your right is the sweeping skyline of downtown Seattle.

Alaskan Way

On clear days, you can also see the snow-capped Olympic Mountain Range range directly in front of you making this one of the best views of Seattle that you can get from a car. Be careful though, rumor has it the engineers that evaluate the structural integrity of the viaduct refuse to drive on it.

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