Bring Home the Bacon!

So where’s the bacon?  It’s on the Ford Fiesta these days!  Perhaps you saw the pic we recently tweeted, but I felt this topic rendered a bit of elaboration.  Sorry, I just had to….for the love of bacon!

Ford has come out with bacon vinyl wraps, i.e. custom graphics, to pimp your ride.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, bacon– to further fuel the craze that has swept the nation.  According to Krystin Goodwin from Buzz 60, Ford thought that for their consumers, this would help to “satisfy the hunger to personalize.”

Ten bacon pieces draped over the hood cost over $3300.  If you just want a taste (no pun intended), mini-strips start at $78, and they can be installed at your local Ford dealership.


According to Allan Benton, CEO of Benton’s Country Hams, “this car just makes so much sense.”  I was thinking the opposite, but who am I to say?  Personally I’d prefer a few strips on my burger or with my scrambled eggs, but hec, this gives a whole new meaning to can I have a side of bacon?

And in case you were wondering, Ford released their bacon-wrapped Fiesta just in time for International Bacon Day! (For those of you unfamiliar with this delicious holiday, it fell on Aug 31st.)

If you want to see what USAToday had to say about it, check out their article and video.

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