How Do I Find Someone to Buy My Car?

Finding a buyer can be daunting. Fortunately, there are many ways to attract buyers for your vehicle. If you want to sell your car in a single day or hold out until you find the highest bidder… you can!

Don’t want to get negotiate with a car salesman? You don’t have to.
If you are wondering, “how the heck do I find someone to buy my car?” We got you covered. Here are the most common and reliable methods to sell your car in 2017.

5 Ways to Sell Your Car

For sale - Buy My Car

1. List an Online Advertisement

For sellers, the Internet has provided a convenient way to show off your car to the world. It may cost a few bucks to list your vehicle, but you will make up for it in higher selling prices versus trading your vehicle into a dealer. Although, you will have to do a bit of the legwork yourself.

eBay Motors is a popular choice for buyers.

Their website allows you to list your vehicle in front of a wide range of buyers on the market. After listing your vehicle, you will be able to respond to inquiries within the platform. But watch out! Web sites like eBay motors always have risks associated with scams that force you to be extra careful when selling your vehicle. Also, be mindful of any fees you need to pay.

Craigslist gives car sellers absolute freedom.

Buyers here are the ultimate bargain hunters. And usually, so are the sellers. Listing here is completely free, so don’t worry about that. Instead, you will have to handle everything from showing your car to drafting paperwork, and the conducting the transaction by yourself. Good news is, craigslist is simple to use, so list your car here at a reasonable price and expect to have people inquiring within days, if not minutes.

Get complete convenience and safety with TRED.

TRED Buy My car

This is the website you are on now. At TRED, we provide an extensive 150-point inspection on all vehicles listed. We also work very hard to verify buyers on our website through a full background check and to ensure safe transactions with financial and identity fraud protections. Here’s the best part, the service is completely free till you sell your car. Cars listed here sell for an average of 30% higher than trade-in vehicles and 12% more than vehicles advertised on craigslist. On TRED, you get more money for your car and enjoy a seamless experience. All you have to do is download the app to get started!

Sell Your Car for Thousands More!GET AN ESTIMATE!

2. Trade Your Vehicle in

This is very easy to do. You simply show up to any local dealer and say the magic words, “I’m looking for someone to buy my car,” and you will instantly be at a desk filling out the paperwork. Unfortunately, we all know that we lose out on a lot of money when we do this.

Just to be clear:

If you sell on craigslist, you are bound to make 16%-18% more. Here on TRED, that goes even higher. So be very clear about why you want to trade-in your vehicle before committing to this.

3. Use Word of Mouth

Families, friends, and colleagues can be the perfect people to sell your car to. Unlike most transactions, you will already have a base level of trust. So if you find someone interested in your vehicle, then you will have a good candidate for buying your car.

This is completely free. Just mention that you are selling your car on Facebook and include photographs of your car and important information. Depending on how large your network is, you might be surprised by the results.

4. Post an ad in a Publication or Newspaper

Your town’s daily newspaper can help you find potential buyers. Although, it is definitely not as effective as it was 30 years ago. But, if you have a specialty vehicle or something on the more expensive side — like a BMW 5 series which is valued at $51,200 MSRP — then listing on a publication can be useful.

Here is an example:

If you live in a tight-knit market like Napa Valley, a place known for world-class wineries and famous events — then definitely consider posting an ad in a local publication.

One more thing, most towns have a Facebook Group for selling and trading. Just go to Facebook and search for either “<city name> buy” or “<city name> cars for sale> to find it.

5. Advertise Physically

For Sale - Buy My Car


Sometimes a sign on your car with the words, “For Sale” is all you need.

If you live in a smaller town, then you probably have a common place where people leave their vehicles that are up for sale. Search on Google, ask a dealer or even ask the local Starbuck’s barista if they know where to find one. You can also consider calling your local chamber of commerce who are likely to know a few places which you will be allowed to park your vehicle. Just make sure that your contact details are easy to find.


You came here wondering, “how can I find someone to buy my car?” Have you found any new ideas to work with? We hope so, but we have more to tell you. Selling your car is not easy. You have to negotiate with buyers, fill out paperwork, and depending on the method… even talk to a salesman (who will drive you down on price with years of sales experience).

I don’t know about you, but I don’t find that fun. Sometimes you just want to sell your car in peace AND get a good deal out of.

At TRED, we offer buyers hassle-free financing with rates as low as 1.99%. That means there are more buyers here who have the funds to buy your vehicle.

Get more buyers to see your vehicle and get a better deal for it. One more thing, we handle all the paperwork. If you are ready to list your car in front of a group of financially screened buyers then sell your car with TRED now!

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