The Pros and Cons of Buying a Modified Car

It can be rare to find a reliable used car that has also undergone extensive upgrades (but not as rare as seeing Kanye act humble). In this article, we’re going to share some of the ins and outs of buying a modified car.

We’ll go over what buying a modified vehicle entails, tell you the pros and cons of picking up a car with aftermarket improvements, and give you some solid tips that’ll help you navigate the world of souped-up style.

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What’s a Modification?

A modification is any change that is made to the hardware on a stock vehicle. “Aftermarket” is another term that’s used to identify parts that are not stock, so the two words are sometimes interchangeable. This means that things like upgraded tires and an engine tune are considered modifications. (Note: your cheetah-print steering wheel cover and scented tree don’t count.)

Unless performed by your manufacturer’s dealership, any changes will likely void a warranty. With select models of new cars (like Mercedes), taking the plastic shield off the cover of the engine will void your manufacturer’s guarantees. This is why it’s really important that you understand the pros and cons of picking up a modified car before diving in headfirst.

Improvements to the intake and exhaust systems are popular (and relatively safe) modifications. However, it’s important to note that there are several different exhaust system options. Choosing a vehicle with a full exhaust upgrade may put you at risk of failing an emissions test. It’s best to pick up a Cat-Back system and upgrade it yourself later (if desired).

Pros of a Modified Car

There are plenty of practical and/or cosmetic advantages to doing upgrades on a car. You can get more horsepower, a cooler sound, better gas mileage, increased capabilities, and a solid ego boost (#BabeMachine) with different modifications. Aftermarket improvements are also a great way to showcase your enthusiasm and passion for a certain niche.

At TRED, we believe that if you’re in your vehicle for hours every day, you should be in love with what you drive.

Cons of a Modified Car

Of course, not all modified cars are created equal. One of the risks of purchasing an altered car is that you don’t know its full history. For example, if you’re looking at something with increased horsepower via engine tuning, it’s likely the car has been showcased and driven hard at some point.

If the vehicle was tuned to increase its horsepower, you’ll also likely experience decreased fuel efficiency. Your engine acts like a giant air pump, so when it’s tuned to allow more airflow, it’ll need more gas to compensate for the increased function.

Modified car bumper sticker

If you’re looking for a modified car you can count on, trust the inventory at TRED. At TRED, we dig deep for a vehicle’s records. We check the car’s full history through Carfax and perform a 150-point inspection on every vehicle. Keep in mind that we also offer (awesome) financing and give you personalized attention throughout the buying process.

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