Car Buying Infographic – TRED’s Take

Since we spend a lot of time with car buyers, we’d like to share a recent Lab42 study called ‘The Art of Car Buying,’ and to share our thoughts on the data.


At the Dealership

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TRED’s Take

In our experience, shoppers usually think that they know what they’re going to purchase when they start test driving with TRED, but they usually change their minds. Therefore, we’re not surprised by the stat that 52% of shoppers aren’t sure which model they want when they arrive at the dealership.

A lot of our shoppers invite their family and friends to join them during their test drives, although far fewer than 90% of our customers do so. Therefore, we were a bit surprised by the stat that 90%+ of shoppers bring someone with them to the dealership – although when you consider that purchasing at the dealership takes four times as long without TRED, that many customers are intimidated by the showroom process, and that many customers need logistical help to drive them to the dealership or to take a second car back to their homes, the high figure makes more sense.

We’re not surprised that 70%+ of shoppers want a single no haggle price. We find that a very small percentage of shoppers are very proactive and aggressive about negotiating price, and that the majority of shoppers don’t want to negotiate. We work to make both kinds of shoppers happy.

We’re not surprised that 80%+ of shoppers are turned off by aggressive salespeople. It’s a concern we hear from shoppers and dealers every day.

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TRED’s Take

Color us unsurprised. As professional tooters of our own proverbial horns, we’d like to take this moment to point out that our service alleviates all of the above problems. Test driving cars at home, side by side, helps shoppers avoid salespeople, find the right car, and save time. And, our customer information packet includes all the stuff you need to know before discussing financing. Toot, toot, toot.   🙂

Brand Loyalty

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TRED’s Take

We’re not surprising that the best selling brands in America also generate the most loyalty.

Tech Features for a New Car

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TRED’s Take

We get requests for each of the features listed above, but the one we hear most of all is the rear view camera. We’re surprised it came in fifth on the list.

Thanks to Autoweek and the folks at Lab42 for the great infographic. We’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled for further feedback on the above findings.



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