Car condos, the ultimate car lover’s cave

When you get a new car, have you ever wanted to sleep in it? Or keep finding excuses to go out to the driveway or garage, just to see it again? That may sound crazy to some, but there are a lot of us car geeks who can totally relate.

And for those of us who can relate, there’s a new trend that’s sort of our wildest dreams come true. There are developments popping up across the country where you can get a trackside dwelling in which you can park your car(s) in a luxurious area where you and your guests can also hang out in comfort. And you can usually drive them right onto an adjacent race track. Sort of like a country club for car lovers.

There are also a number of places where you can get a ‘car condo’, which is essentially a fancy storage unit for your cars (not located on a racetrack), complete with cool hangout amenities, like bars, kitchens, and living rooms.

Here are some of the tracks and developments where you can find the ultimate car lover’s cave, or an actual trackside residence.

Iron Gate Motor Condos – Naperville, IL

Iron Gate is one of the first ‘communities’ of loft-like garages where you can store your car and host gatherings and hang out—most of them even have living areas and kitchens.

There’s also a newly-opened ‘Motor Plaza’, a massive retail space for car dealers and specialty retailers to showcase their wares to an appreciative audience.

A ‘car condo’ garage at Iron Gate.

M1 Concourse – Pontiac, MI

M1 Concourse is another development of car condos, billed as a ‘private garage community’. Here, you can buy ‘flexible storage and entertainment spaces’ where you can store your cars and host gatherings. Members also get access to driving resources—like the skid pad and the track—and even get guaranteed track time each week on the Champion Motor Speedway, along with driving instruction. There’s even a fleet of exotic cars from various makers that members can use in addition to their own.

A car condo living room at M1 Concourse… complete with white Testarossa, a la Miami Vice

Monterey Motorsport Park – Monterey, CA

It’s no surprise that there’s a prominent car condo community in Monterey, CA, near the site of the world famous Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Monterey Motorsport Park looks a bit like a standard storage facility in its layout and design, but each of the garages has a small ‘mezzanine’ above the garage floor.

A ‘car condo’ at Monterey Motorsport Park in Monterey, CA

The Thermal Club – Thermal, CA

Interestingly, most ‘car condo’ properties aren’t actually places you can live. They have living areas, with bathrooms and sometimes kitchens and entertaining spaces. But most aren’t designated for overnight stays. Of the few where that might be permissible, it’s only for maybe an overnight here or there, so they might have a fold-out couch or Murphy bed.

The Thermal Club, in the desert in Thermal, CA, actually allows its members to live there—very much like a housing development on a golf course. And it in fact feels every bit the country club: with tennis courts, pools, a spa, and a clubhouse. Then there are the three racetracks. (Well, four if you count the go-kart track!)

A trackside villa at Thermal.

How much do these things cost, you ask? Well, as with most things, it varies. But generally speaking, the price to to buy a ‘car condo’ ranges from $150k to $500k, depending on size and geographical location. An actual residence, like the villa at Thermal pictured above, can run several million dollars. But there’s definitely a car property for all enthusiasts, not just the supercar owners.

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