Car Shopping Made Easier

The internet has changed the way we buy things, and cars are no exception.  Ten years ago, car shoppers would visit an average of five dealerships in their process of searching for a new ride.  A recent article by CNBC states that today most car shoppers do their research online first, therefore they don’t find it necessary to visit as many dealerships to “kick the tires.”  In fact, according to a study by McKinsey, shoppers now only visit an average of 1.6 stores.

Let’s face it, when it comes to car shopping, most of us want to save time, get a good deal, and avoid haggling.  At Tred, we’ve lived this trend firsthand as we deliver vehicles to consumers to test drive.  Most of our shoppers have already done their research online, narrowed down their options, and are well-versed in the vehicles they choose.  By the time they’ve completed the test drive(s), they’re typically close to making a purchase decision.

So what’s the conclusion?  Today’s car shoppers are waiting as long as possible to go to the dealership – until they’ve virtually made their decision – thereby saving time and money.  Makes sense to us.


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