#CarProblems Car Sellers Have that TRED Customers Don’t

For many people, selling a car is a huge chore at best and a nightmare at worst. Full of opportunities for wasted time and requiring a lot of time and attention to detail, the hassle of selling a car actually keeps many people from selling their cars—and getting into a new, better one—for much longer than it should.

Luckily, there’s TRED! Our service lets you outsource 99% the hassle to us, your happy-go-lucky TRED team. Below are some of the problems that your average car seller faces, and a little taste of how TRED makes those problems go away. (Don’t believe us? Check out all of the TRED customer testimonials!)

Here are the #CarProblems car sellers have that TRED customers don’t!

Selling a car takes forever.

The process of selling can actually take a long time when you try to do it the old-fashioned way. You have to factor in the time it takes to get the car in sellable condition (ie. get any minor mechanical issues fixed, clean the melted chocolate out of the grooves of the dashboard, etc.) as well as the time it takes to get the car inspected, meet up with buyers and eventually make a sale. It can drag on.

● TRED cuts out all the time-wasters.

● TRED takes care of the inspection, buyer enquiries, and streamlines the sale.

Selling a car requires flexibility I don’t have.

Forget leading a normal life while your car is on the market, especially if you use it on a daily basis. You have the keep it spic-and-span for the duration of the selling process, just in case someone contacts you for a last-minute viewing (which happens all the time). Oh yeah, and you have to be available for last-minute viewings all the time.

● TRED makes it simple to arrange viewings at one particular time, allowing you to go about your business like a regular person.

● TRED takes care of the test-drive process for you. We schedule it for a time you can spare your car, we pick up the car, we do the test drive, and we return the car.

I don’t understand the red tape around car sales.

If bureaucracy isn’t your forte, selling a car can be a bit of a nightmare. Do you have the DMV paperwork in order? Are you sure you’ve dotted all your I’s and crossed your T’s?

● TRED’s process bundles all the paperwork into a nice neat package that you deal with at the end, and we tell you what you need to do in plain English.

I don’t know how to find people who are interested without paying for an expensive ad.

Paying for a newspaper ad can be expensive, and posting an ad on a free site can be an invitation for large numbers of time-wasters to show up in your email Inbox and at your front door. Posting a FOR SALE sign in the car window is okay, but it only works if you can park the car in a busy location and leave it there for a while. Also, screening potential buyers is time-consuming and means a lot of awkward meetings with a lot of strangers.

● A listing on TRED is seen by serious potential buyers only, who are already looking for a car like yours. And you barely have to lift a finger.

● You don’t even have to list your car online—just give us a spare key, and we’ll get your car inspected, photographed and listed at a time that suits you. We also pay for listing your car on all the major websites—and we deal with the inquiries from buyers.

I don’t want to take strangers for test drives.

Yeah, this is an important one.

● With TRED, you don’t have to. We do that for you.

Explaining a car’s imperfections is tricky business.

Walking around a car pointing out all its flaws is something you might want to do for honesty’s sake, but might be hesitant to do for fear that you’ll give the impression it’s a lemon when it’s not, or that you’ll shift the negotiation too much in the buyer’s favor.

● TRED’s 150-point inspection comes with a report that potential buyers can see up front, meaning everyone’s on the same page.

I don’t know what the fair sale price is, and I don’t want to get swindled.

If you’re not experienced at buying and selling cars, it’s difficult to know what a fair asking price will be. There are baseline numbers available from sources like Kelley Blue Book, but these have a difficult time giving an accurate number with respect to an individual car’s history, package of features, maintenance history, etc.

● While you get to decide the ultimate asking price and the final price, we provide guidance to help you reach one that’s likely to get your car sold and also means gives you a good price.

I hate negotiating / I’m bad at negotiating.

A lot of us just genuinely hate the haggle.

● With TRED, you don’t have to. Set your price, view bids when you’re ready, and make a decision—all from the comfort of your laptop, phone or tablet. Other than asking for cash, how can I be sure not to get scammed during payment? Dealing with a large amount of cash isn’t ideal, nor is giving your bank information for a wire transfer, and most online payment services have some kind of fee—that’s the scenario IF everything else goes smoothly with payment, which unfortunately it sometimes doesn’t.

● Once TRED ties all the loose ends for you, your payment is secured and shows up in your bank account within one day while you do whatever you please!

Add to the conversation! Have you ever sold a car? What problems did you run into? Tweet to us with hashtag #CarProblems.

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