October Infographics

Greetings TRED blogosphere.  It's time for an update on our progress for October.  In Seattle, the days are getting shorter, the ski season is nearly upon us, and we're seeing some changes in our most popular brands.  This time I bring you two infographics for comparison: 1. Top TRED Brands Since Launch 2. TRED Customers Types Since Launch Subaru and Nissan test... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Seattle Test Drive

Here at Tred, Test drives are our business, and luckily, they're the best part of car shopping. Think about it - you get to drive any brand new car you want, play with technology that you're not obligated to buy, and ruthlessly rule out cars that don't fit every aspect of your life. But, not... Continue Reading →

The TRED Next Contest

We receive a lot of calls and emails from shoppers across the country pleading for help with their upcoming car purchases. We give them the same lame spiel: "Sorry, unless you live near Seattle, we can't help you out quite yet. But we'll let you know when we're ready to expand to Montauk/Mission/Malibu." After talking internally... Continue Reading →

TRED Mix Tape – Volume 1

We've enjoyed a lot of interaction with test drivers in the past few weeks, and we've decided to give a quick preview. Introducing the TRED Mix Tape, Volume 1. Enjoy. [responsive_youtube ws_i5IGYtSY]

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