Does Anyone Know…? Your Car Questions Answered

Our experts have been asked all the car-related questions you can possibly imagine. Some we can answer off the top of our heads, while others need a little research. We’ve opened up the TRED vehicle FAQ files to share our info with you.


Will modifying my car void the warranty?

This is a grey area, which depends on whether the modification damaged the car. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 states that the dealer must prove that your modification caused the need for repairs. They cannot simply tell you the warranty is null and void because you adapted the car.

How can I remove scratches from a car?

We could go into detail about products to buy, buffing and polishing, but let’s be honest – that would be boring. A much better idea is to watch this video – you’ll have those scratches out in no time!

How often do I need an oil change?

Follow your car’s maintenance schedule and your friendly mechanic will take care of this for you. For a list of service milestones, check out our post ‘How Many Miles Are Too Many?’.

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Is this a good price?

There are a number of factors you’ll need to take into account: age, mileage, whether it has been involved in an accident, number of previous owners, condition, and service history. Spend some time online comparing similar cars. If you’re buying through TRED, you can be sure that the price listed is extremely competitive. We’re able to keep our own transaction costs down by not owning real estate, cars, or employing salespeople, and we pass the savings onto you.

What can I do to remove oil stains from my white paintwork?

Use cleaner wax or Meguiars 205 on a microfiber cloth.

Should I worry about tiny rock chips?

If they’re so tiny that you only know they’re there by running your finger over the surface, you probably don’t need to do anything, though we always recommend consulting an expert. Larger stone chips can and should be filled in. It’s always a good idea to get glass insurance as part of car insurance.

Should I buy a cheap, high mileage car?

Take a look at the Carfax – this contains a wealth of information that will help you make this decision. Also worth considering is whether the brand has a reputation for reliability. If you’re a savvy mechanic and are happy to fix various parts yourself, it could be worth the risk. But if you’re the sort of person who prefers to let the professionals take care of things, then you could end up spending a lot of money.

Do I keep the plates when selling a car?

Yes, the plates stay with you. It’s the buyer’s responsibility to provide their own plates. Doing them a good turn and allowing them to use the plates until they get home can backfire. If the buyers do anything illegal, the plates will be traced back to you and you’ll find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

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How can I remove coffee stains from the car seats?

We love this video. It’s perfect for anyone who likes results, but doesn’t like nasty chemicals. Using a solution of three parts water to one part vinegar, this car enthusiast makes a huge difference to some grimy seats.

How can I get out of my car lease?

There are a few ways. You can find someone who wants to buy the car and is happy to continue with the monthly payments (be prepared to pay a few hundred dollars for the transfer fee). Be aware that some companies place a limit on the timeframe when you can transfer the lease. Or, there are a number of lease transfer companies online. Spend time researching fees and handling methods. Or, you could inform the leasing company that you intend to hand the car in. Before you do this, read the contract to learn how much you’ll be charged in termination fees.

If you sell through TRED, we are happy to help. We work out how much money you owe to the leasing company, and deduct that sum from the sale price when your car sells.


Owning a car is great – the freedom, the sound of the engine, the gleam of freshly polished paintwork. Thanks to the internet, keeping your car in great condition or finding out how to bring it up to spec isn’t that hard. And if you can’t find the answer online, get in contact with us on Facebook or Twitter. Our experts or one of our social media buddies are sure to have the facts you need!


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