10 Driving Hacks for Commuters

Sure, your town is a great place to live and work. Except, the traffic, the drivers, and the super scary weather causing harsh road conditions. Since we can’t do much about that, why not use these hacks to stay calm and comfortable in your vehicle?

Create your ultimate traffic jam playlist

This will be different to your ‘driving on the open road’ playlist. We’re thinking your favorite relaxing, upbeat tunes that will get you singing along (and possibly entertaining the other drivers!)!

Seattle driving hacks


Could your car be mistaken for a fast-food restaurant? If so, it’s time to remove the trash and get rid of everything you don’t need. Next, you’ll need to take it for a deep clean. We’re talking the works – carpeting washing, vacuuming, cleaning and polishing all surfaces and crevices. It will feel like a new car! Regular trips to get your vehicle detailed – inside and out – will transform it from somewhere you have to be, to somewhere you want to be.

Invest in the right air freshener

If you regularly eat in the car, have dogs or carry sweaty gym wear, the unpleasant smells will undoubtedly be making your journey seem 10 times longer. There are many cheaper air fresheners that will mask any odors in your vehicle, but if you invest in spray – which is slightly more expensive, but one of our driving hacks that are definitely worth the additional cost – you will find it much more effective.

Keep cool, but not too cool

If you just can’t get warm in your vehicle, consider checking the weather stripping inside the door. It could be that the material is worn and needs replacing. The good news is that this is easy and inexpensive to fix.

Seattle driving hacks

Lose the heels

Driving in heels hurts (and it ruins them). Keep a spare pair of flats in the car, ideally with rubber backing so they won’t slip if the mats are wet.

Have a microfiber towel handy

There’s nothing more irritating than a grimy windshield, especially when you’re stuck in traffic staring at it. Kill some time keeping it clean, then start working on the rearview mirror. Still waiting in that traffic jam? Wipe off the dust on the steering column and center console. Trust us, this is one of those hacks that will leave you feeling ever so virtuous (and it’ll make the time fly).

Sort those sliding floor mats

If the fasteners that hold them in place are missing, make it a priority to buy and fit some more. Easy!

Driving Hacks

Are you sitting comfortably?

If not, then it’s time to make it so! If you’re spending all that time in traffic, you’ll need a vehicle with the right kind of seating. We’re thinking leather upholstery, eight-way adjustable seats, which will heat or cool you and your passengers as required. Or, if you don’t feel like splashing the cash right now, a small pillow placed behind your back will ease those aches and pains. Similarly, you can buy car-approved seat cushions that will heat or cool you depending on the season. Being comfortable in your surroundings will make those hours fly by.

Adjust your steering wheel

Try changing the position of your steering wheel – it will move up, down, forward and back.

Is your car big enough?

It’s so much easier to get comfy in a large car. If you think your vehicle might be too small, it could be time to start looking for something bigger!

If you spend a lot of time in your car and you’ve come up with some clever hacks for passing the time more comfortably, we’d love to hear more! You can share them with the TRED community on Facebook or Twitter.

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