EV’s Are Awesome – WTF WA?

Electric Vehicles (“EV’s”) are getting cheaper, faster and more useful everyday.  So why is Washington state missing out on so many of them?

According to the NYTimes, EV’s are outperforming their gasoline cousins!  Jim Motavalli, a regular contributor to the NYTimes, Car Talk, and plugincars.com, and a man with ‘in seat’ experience in countless green cars, recently evaluated three EV’s that also have gasoline counterparts, and his findings illustrate how far EV’s have come:

1.) Chevy Spark EV

  • California and Oregon
  • Lease: as low as $199/month
  • Torque: electric- 400 lbft, gas- 83 lbft
  • Gas Mileage: electric – 119 mpge, gas – 31/39/34 mpg (city/highway/overall)
  • 0-60 Speed: electric – 7.5 seconds, gas – 10.5 seconds

2.) Fiat 500e

  • California only
  • Lease: as low as $199/month
  • Horsepower: electric – 111 hp, gas – 101 hp (at base trim level)
  • Gas Mileage: electric – 116 mpge (electric vehicle equivalent) gas – 31/40/34 mpg
  • Better front to back weight distribution because of batteries than the gas version

3.) Smart Cabriolet

  • California and Oregon then by availability: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont
  • Only Convertible EV currently available
  • Lease: as low as $199/month
  • HP: electric – 47 w/ spikes to 74 hp, gas – 70 hp
  • 0-60 Speed: electric – 11.5 seconds, gas – 12.8 seconds

Each of these cars is available at lease prices that are competitive with other traditional gasoline powered cars, and their performance is on par or superior to their gasoline counterparts.  The last piece of the puzzle seems to be availability.  Why can’t we buy these cars in Washington?!

A recent article in Green Car Reports by Antony Ingram set out to answer why Washington is lagging in EV distribution.  The primary reason is that although Washington has adopted California’s air quality standards, we haven’t adopted its zero emissions standards.  Unlike Washington, a slew of other states (such as Oregon) has followed California’s zero emissions lead.  Since EV inventory is limited, zero emission states get distribution priority.  Sadly, we won’t see more EV’s in Washington until one of two things happen: (1) Washington jumps on California’s zero emissions band wagon, or (2) carmakers scale EV production to all states.

At the end of the day, Washingtonians should be excited to see more EV’s on the horizon, but miffed that we’re missing out on some of the early fun.  What can you do to get more EV’s to Washington sooner?  Give Jay a call.

Read more below.  Thanks for reading and happy test driving!

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