Fisker is Back! (maybe…)

There was a time (about two years ago) when an outrageous sports car flew around US highways silently, until it burst into flames!  Those were the days of Fisker and those were real flames!  Fire aside, Fisker fans worry not, your car is returning from the dead and it might be back on highways sooner than you think.  Here’s what we know:

  1. Fisker was purchased at auction by Wangxiang, China’s top auto parts supplier.  Chinese billionaire Lu Guanqiu, owner of Wangxiang, beat out Hong Kong Billionaire Richard Li, owner of Hybrid Tech Holdings, with a bid of $149,200,000. $149 million!
  2. Wangxiang now owns a headquarters in Chicago, a former GM plant in Delaware, and the Karma plant in Finland, along with 18 patents and years of research acquired in the Fisker auction.  The Chinese giant has also invested heavily into Great Point Energy and Smith Electric Vehicles so it looks like they are making a large play into the green energy and transportation space.  Looks like they plan to be here for a while.
  3. Wangxiang wants to bring all of the Fisker concept cars to production.  The Karma is slated for production at the plant in Finland within the year.  The Atlantic is back into development and is rumored to be in production state side at the plant in Delaware.  And the Karma S, the Fisker Surf, and the VL Destino are all production possibilities.

What we don’t know:

  1. Uncertainty is on the horizon.  How many cars will be produced in the first year?
  2. Will they still be called Fisker (we hop so, it’s such a classy name!)?
  3. Is the Delaware plant production ready?
  4. Does Wangxiang plan to be a major player in the American car market or is he buying technology to produce back home in China?
  5. Will the Karma still light up your garage like Dante’s Inferno?  We’ll get to find out soon!

Without further ado, here’s what the future of Fisker holds in store for us (and for fire fighters across America):

Fisker Karma


Fisker Karma S


Fisker Surf


VL Destino



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