Eight Types of Driver You’ll Find in Your City

Driving would be great if it wasn’t for other drivers, right? The one who seems to think that cars should go no faster than a snail with a limp, the one who forces you and everyone within a five mile radius to listen to their music, the angry one… We’ve all encountered them and driving just wouldn’t be the same without them!

Let’s get started…



The Learner: There are two types of learner: the nervous type and the over-confident type. Both should be approached with caution as you (and probably even they) don’t know what they’re going to do next.

The Singer: They’re giving it their all like they’re on the X Factor: eyes closed, belting it out, hands drumming on the steering wheel. It doesn’t matter that they’re probably going to end up all over social media courtesy of other entertained drivers, they’re in the zone. You just can’t stay quiet when some songs come on!


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The Know-It-All: This driver feels the need to show (generally using wild gesticulations) other road users that they’ve failed to follow the rules of the road (or The Know-It-All’s rules). The chances are that they don’t do this when they’re outside the safety of their car.

The Speeder: This one’s particularly annoying in the context of city driving. This driver cuts people up then slams on the brakes because they’ve just realized they’re in a built-up area and can’t speed off into the distance. Often seething cauldrons of anger because they can’t drive as fast as they like, avoid making eye contact with this driver. Keep an eye out for this driver.


person-woman-smartphone-car pexels

The Multi-Tasker: Another traffic jam? Great! That’s a few minutes when they can reply to an email, check the stock prices on NASDAQ, make sure their hair looks good, get the week’s food ordered online, the possibilities are endless.

The Nervous One: Not to be confused with The Learner, this person has been driving for years but is paralyzed by fear and drives ultra-slowly. Their seat is as close as possible to the steering wheel, and if you look closely you’ll be able to see both hands gripping it tightly. Avoid getting stuck behind this driver.



The Nice One: This is the person who sympathizes with other drivers stuck at awkward junctions or carrying out a difficult maneuver.  They always let other people out, which is very nice, but does mean their journey takes 10 times longer.

Your Driving Twin: This person drives just like you: perfectly. The one annoying thing is that you’ll keep seeing either other as you both have the same driving style and speed, so be prepared to become BFFs during your journey.

You’ve probably recognized yourself on this list. Let us know what type of driver you are (or if we’ve missed out on a personality) by tweeting us and using the hashtag #drivingtypes.

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