Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving offers a wonderful opportunity to consume pumpkin pie. Pumpkin Yum is also super tasty (however your family chooses to define it). Turkey Day¬†also represents an opportunity to reflect. As the Tred team works towards product advancements, partnership announcements and geographic expansion plans, we want to make some acknowledgements. At its heart, Tred is a community that unites a diverse group of folks who want to do something better. Doing something better takes courage and commitment, and we’re grateful.

Thanks to our customers, for trusting us with their car shopping process, for providing feedback that informs our product every day, and for evangelizing Tred. We’re always curious to know how customers learn about our service, and we’re increasingly hearing “My friend used you guys.” That’s the ultimate compliment.

Thanks to our dealers, for trusting us to be stewards of their brand, for providing feedback that informs our product every day, and for empowering our commitment to customer service. We ask a lot of our dealer partners, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their support.

Thanks to our mentors, for tirelessly listening and charting us through untraveled waters. Veteran entrepreneurs have stood on shoulders themselves, empathize with young company challenges, and possess an awe-inspiring sense of altruism.

To our investors, for taking a big risk behind a group of entrepreneurs with a radical vision. Angel and venture investors make this country great every day.

To Capitol Hill, Seattle and King County communities, for providing a vibrant, diverse, tech-minded setting in which to build a business. Since launching late last summer, we’ve enjoyed a glorious 2013 in the Pacific Northwest. Go ‘Hawks.

Lastly, to our family and friends. Startups require blood, sweat and tears. Thank you for putting up with all three.

From our team to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.


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