How Do I Prepare an Illinois Title?

The person(s) named on the front of the title must follow these steps:

  1. Sign the front of the title where it reads “Signature of Seller”
  2. Print name(s) on the front of the title where it reads “Printed Name of Seller”
  3. If there’s a lien listed on the title, it must be released on the title or accompanied by a separate lien release letter.

Refer to the image below for reference (Note that your title might look a little different. That’s okay, just make sure to pay very close attention when signing):

If there’s more than one owner’s name on the title, both parties on the title must sign.

It’s important that the name on the title and your signature match exactly. If you have changed your name since the title was issued, do not sign with your new name—sign with the name that’s shown on the title.

Follow these guidelines when preparing your title:

  • Use only a black or blue pen
  • Do not use white-out
  • Avoid making any rips or tears to the title document
  • Don’t cross anything out
  • Be careful not to sign in the ‘Dealer Reassignment’ section
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