How to Buy and Sell an SUV

Buying or selling an SUV is just like buying or selling a regular car. Except, of course, it’s not. SUVs offer different features and a different driving experience and prospective SUV buyers often have specific reasons for their interest in this larger type of vehicle. So, what should you focus on if you’re thinking about making a change?

Buying an SUV

  1. If you’re concerned about fuel economy, be aware of the size of vehicle. It’s not rocket science, but the bigger the SUV, the thirstier it will be. When it comes to hybrid vehicles, it’s necessary to look past the size and type of car – take a look at the EPA rating if you are concerned about fuel efficiency. (For more info on hybrids and electric vehicles, head over to our post What Do You Know About Electric Cars?)
  2. Safety is always a concern, especially if you have a family. Check that all air bags (front seat and side curtain), anti-lock brakes, and stability control are fully operational. If you don’t feel confident checking yourself, bring a trained mechanic with you to the test drive.
  3. Top of the range SUVs come with a host of luxury features, which the seller will be promoting to you. Make sure these are working before you agree on a price. Ask to see the automatic climate control, infotainment system, keyless start system and Bluetooth capability. If they’re not 100%, then you’ve got a stronger negotiating point.
  4. Do some research into maintenance costs, especially if the vehicle is older. If it seems like repairs will be expensive, make sure you can afford them. You could even use this as a bargaining point. (If it looks like you’ll need a mechanic, check out one of our most popular posts: How to Find a Great Car Mechanic.)
  5. If you’re new to the world of SUVs, you’ll need to decide what type of vehicle best matches your requirements. A two-wheel-drive (2WD) means that only the front of rear wheels provide power. It’s better for mild climates. Drivers of four-wheel-drive (4WD) SUVs can select either two- or four-wheel drive. If you intend to be regularly driving through heavy snow or mud, this is what you should look for. All-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicles distribute power to the wheels with the most traction. It’s better for those who live in locations with occasional bad weather.

buy and sell SUV

Selling an SUV

  1. If the buyer is trading up from a regular car, emphasize the space in the SUV. The vast majority of SUVs will comfortably hold five passengers. This is hugely attractive to most buyers, so highlight the benefits you’ve enjoyed from so much space.
  2. SUVs are known for their reliability. If you’re selling a well-known vehicle like the Honda CRV or the Jeep Grand Cherokee, make sure you share the history and heritage of the brand. It’s your job to ensure the buyer is aware of what a great SUV it is.
  3. Every SUV allows you to fold or remove seats to increase storage capacity. When the rear seat is folded, even a compact SUV can provide a generous 70 cubic feet of capacity. This is one of the prime reasons for buying an SUV, but you probably know that already! Be able to take these in and out – make it look easy.
  4. If you have a compact SUV, your vehicle can’t offer as much space as a larger one, but you can emphasize the lower fuel and maintenance costs. This might just be enticing enough for a buyer who is torn between space and economy.
  5. Find out a little more about the potential buyer. For example, if you have a Toyota Rav 4, you’ll know that the buyer is looking for space. But, just by making conversation, you could find out that they’re undecided between an SUV and a minivan. With this information, you can highlight the relevant benefits and make the sale.

buy sell SUV

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