How to Maintain Your Car’s Value

You just bought a car. Congratulations. Now, even before that new (or used) car smell wears off, it’s not too early to focus on getting the most out of your future trade in. Accordingly, here are a few “sell your car” tips to turbocharge your vehicle’s lifetime value.


In much the same way that you need to visit the dentist for regular teeth cleanings, your car needs regular oil changes. At about 5,000 miles engine oil gets dirty and loses viscosity. Believe it or not, clean oil prevents a lot of other engine problems from cropping up down the road. The oil light comes on for a reason and it’s best to pay attention to it. Don’t put off oil changes for months or more.

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Keep Track 

Do an awesome job of keeping track of your vehicle’s service records. File all receipts and other paperwork from all the service done to your car. Accurate accounting will help you know when you need parts replaced, and just as importantly, when you don’t. Up to date records are an indicator of a responsible car owner and many dealerships or private buyers will reward the gesture.

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Make Sure it Works 

Depending on the age and brand of your used vehicle, small dings and scratches are usually negligible, and reparable for a low cost. However, problems that affect your car’s safe drivability, such as a burnt out headlight or failing brake pads, should be fixed before you sell. Used car buyers are practical people, and a safely operating vehicle will be a requirement of any responsible buyer.

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Lipstick on the Pig 

Would you walk the runway without showering beforehand? Neither would we. To ensure that your car makes the best possible first impression on its new owner, it should be sparkling. Clean every nook and cranny as well as you can. Don’t limit your car to an exterior wash. Get the inside vacuumed and cleaned, and if necessary and affordable, get it detailed.

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Following these simple tips will maximize your trade in’s value and minimize the cost of your new whip. Happy driving.

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