Hydrogen Powered Cars

At this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show, three automakers revealed hydrogen fuel cell cars, one of which will be available for purchase this year!  Without further ado, the new three.

Hyundai – Hydrogen Powered Tuscon
On sale: Spring of 2013 in Southern California
Cost: Three Year Lease $495/month (includes hydrogen fuel)

USA Today Video: Honda, Hyundai unveil hydrogen cars at LA Auto Show


Honda – FCEV
On sale: 2015 (drive train only, body style won’t make it)
Passengers: five
Range: 300 miles

LA Times Article: L.A. Auto Show: Honda debuts fuel-cell concept car


On sale: 2015

New York Times Article: Toyota Shows Off Fuel-Cell Automobile

Japan Tokyo Motor Show .JPEG-04a4e


While there’s no question that green cars are the future, there is interesting competition brewing amongst drivetrain alternatives (to internal combustion engines).  We look forward to observing how hydrogen fuel cell cars compete with electric vehicles and hybrids for the hearts and wallets of drivers across the world, and to making it very easy for you to test them out.

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