IIHS Booster Seats Ratings

You’ve probably seen booster seats at restaurants, but what you might not know is that they’re made for cars too.  Car booster seats are designed for children who have outgrown smaller self contained safety seats but are still too small for standard adult lap belts.  The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (“IIHS”) has recently released it’s ratings for car booster seat safety.  Since more than 40% of our customers are families, we thought it would be useful to share the results with the Tred community.  Booster seats were filtered into four categories: Best Bets, Good Bets, Check Fit, and Not Recommended.

1. Best Bets – booster seats that fit both a range of child ages (4-8) and sizes, and are versatile enough to fit in almost any car, minivan, or SUV.
2. Good Bets – booster seats that provide adequate fit for children different ages and sizes, and that fit in most cars, minivans, SUVs.
3. Check Fit – booster seats that have inconsistent results for child and car fit.
4. Not Recommended – booster seats that do not provide a proper fit or level of safety.


More info is available here.



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