Millennials Avoid Interacting With Automotive Sales People

According to a recent study by AutoTrader, millennials (16-32 year olds, also known as Gen Y), tend to avoid interacting with sales people, “for fear of high-pressure sales tactics.”  When going to a dealership, they anticipate the “laid-back Apple Store” vibe which they’re accustomed to, yet the reality is quite the reverse, leaving them turned off to the experience.

The study, titled “The Next Generation Car Buyer,” also indicated that millennials who had purchased a vehicle in the last 3 months, visited 3.1 dealerships before making their purchase.

Interestingly enough, millennials generally enjoy browsing the dealer lots and kicking the tires more so than older generations.  Perhaps they should consider checking out Tred.  They can still kick the tires, avoid the sales pressure, and get the laid back experience that they prefer, all at their convenience.  Just sayin’….

In 2012, millennials made up 75 million of the U.S. population, and accounted for 25% of all vehicle purchases.

To read the full article, check out Automotive News online.

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