My Car Guzzles Gas

What’s your fuel consumption like? No one wants to spend significant amounts of their hard-earned cash on gas, never mind numerous pricey trips to the mechanic to try and sort the issue. Why not try these fixes?

Your Vehicle

1. Are your tyres the right size? Using larger tyres than recommended is a big fat NO when it comes to maintaining economical levels of fuel consumption.

2. Take a look at your tyre pressures. If the tyres aren’t pumped enough, the car will experience higher levels of rolling resistance. You can buy handy tyre pressure monitors that allow you to accurately measure each tyre’s pressure in a matter of seconds, or if you’re the kind of person who has an app for everything, download this.

3. Can you trust your mechanic? If water rather than coolant is put into the radiator during servicing, the engine operates at a higher temperature than it ideally should, and fuel consumption shoots up.

4. Check your thermostat. If it’s stuck open, or has been removed, the engine will over cool.

5. Is your air filter dirty or clogged? These simple instructions show you how to check.

6. Get a good mechanic to look at the ignition timing, MAF (mass air flow meter), and CTS (coolant temperature switch). They should also spend time checking the vacuum hoses to make sure the engine isn’t drawing in unmetered air.


Fuel efficiency tips

Driving Style

1. If you think you’re the next Juan Manuel Fangio, you’ll have to reconsider your driving style if you want to cut costs on gas. Next time you’re tempted to make like a Formula 1 driver and hit the accelerator, think of this: you pay an additional 26ยข per gallon for gas for every 5 mph you drive over 50 mph.

2. Don’t turn the aircon on. In some climates, this is virtually impossible. But, do you always need it to be blasting cool air? Consider using the vent setting and always park in the shade.

3. Invest in a new satnav. Manufacturers of newer models of satnavs have studied traffic patterns to put together routes that are more fuel efficient.

4. Going somewhere? People who pack light not only find it much easier to carry their cases, their fuel consumption is better too. Extra luggage in the trunk weighs down the car and makes the engine work harder. Avoid roof-top cargo boxes – they will reduce fuel economy for anywhere between two to 25 percent.

5. If you’re too busy to take the car for regular servicing, try to make time. A professional mechanic giving your vehicle some TLC will make a huge difference.


Tried All That? If you haven’t had any success with improving your fuel consumption (or if you just fancy a change), check out the cars we have for sale now* on TRED! This 2012 Ford Fusion has many positives, including one impressive statistic those interested in fuel efficiency will want to know: it achieves 33 MPG on the highway.


Fuel efficient 2012 ford fusion

This 2012 Hyundai Elantra has been lovingly maintained at franchised dealerships, so you can be assured that everything is in tip-top condition. Something else that will put a smile on your face is the MPG: the fuel efficient four cylinder engine gets up to 28 (city) /38 (highway) MPGs!


Fuel efficiency tips

The word ‘Honda’ is usually followed up by the word ‘reliable’. Or possibly ‘quality’. You certainly wouldn’t be wrong teaming each of those words with this 2011 Honda CR-Z. With 38 MPG, you can add ‘fuel efficient’ to the list. We love it.


Fuel efficient 2011 Honda CR Z

*The vehicles listed above were on sale at the time of writing. Cars on TRED are bought and sold quickly, so if these aren’t available now, check out what’s on offer here. If you have any great tips to improve fuel efficiency, it would be great to hear them. Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.

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