My First Car

First cars are wonderfully awful – they creak, rumble and break down at least once a week. But despite all that, everyone speaks wistfully about their first car. The TRED team look back on their first loves…

Tred first car memories

TJ’s Badass 1965 Ford Galaxie Limited with a 352 Small Block and a “Dynaglide” 4 Speed Automatic

Tred first car

Our mobile agent TJ gave his “badass” car the distinctly sensible name Prudence after one of the lesser known Beatles songs, Dear Prudence. Thanks to the bench seats he could seat eight friends, who could admire him while he was doing burn outs and cruising the streets of Tacoma.

It wasn’t a great bargain, considering he paid $2,500 – the same retail price at the dealership in 1965. To add insult to injury, he then had to rebuild the drum, the fuel lines, and replace the carburetor. At the time it sucked, but it did set him up for a lifetime of working on cars!

Despite his hard work, Prudence wasn’t exactly the most reliable car. One time the brakes went out and TJ almost killed some people in front of the Commons Mall in Federal Way, Tacoma. He stopped by gracefully running into a juniper bush…

TJ and Prudence never got to enjoy a long road trip because he had serious doubts whether the car would have made it home. But, he did often take it out after dark while his parents were sleeping. For anyone wondering how, he shares: “The trick was to roll it down the hill in neutral, start it a half mile away, and then coast it back with no power when returning…#sketchy #powerbrakesrule”.

This car even had a theme song – Stranglehold by Ted Nugent. He remembers: “Every time we got in we would start the song, and when the riff would come in hard we’d punch the gas and do a burnout.  We thought we were in the movie Dazed and Confused… Party at the Moon Tower anyone?”

Why did TJ sell his car? Let’s let him have the last word: “I sold this because I am an idiot.”

Tred first car memories

Grant’s 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2000 Dodge Durango

Tred first car

CEO Grant didn’t have a great experience with cars as a new driver:My first TWO cars were stolen. A 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee (stolen from the dealership lot when I was there to pick it up from servicing!) and a 2000 Dodge Durango (stolen from in front of my apartment).”


Tred first car memories

Cassie’s 1994 Honda Accord

Tred first car memories

Cassie’s first car was the 2004 BMW M3. Sorry, no – that’s the car she wanted, but Mom had other ideas. Instead, when Cassie was 16, she was given her mom’s 1994 Honda Accord. As well as a free car, Cassie benefited by getting a lot of experience at car maintenance. Cassie shares: “She was a guinea pig for oil/brake/tire changes.”

It was lucky that Cassie became a whizz at car maintenance, as the brakes needed a gentle ‘tap’ with a hammer to get going after sitting for a couple of days! #supersafe

The car wasn’t exactly a beauty queen, but at least she was cared for. Cassie remembers: “There were a couple of scratches on the front bumper that my mom tried covering up with nail polish… that was completely the wrong color.”

The car was sold just before Cassie graduated high school. So if you see a 1994 Honda Accord with a few mismatched paint spots on the bumper, you’ll know the story behind it!

Tred first car memories

Kevin’s 1999 Toyota Rav4

Tred first car

The then 17-year-old Kevin was obviously meant to have his Toyota Rav4. The license plate number begins with 789 and the date he bought the car was July 8th, 2009 (07-08-09). Coincidence? You decide…

Customer advocate Kevin’s car was a bargain snapped up from his mom’s friend. In perfect condition with only 40k miles and being sold for $5,000, the high school student struck gold.

Everyone learns valuable life lessons from their first car. We’ll let Kevin tell this story: “I had a dent in the rear left passenger seat and I remember this guy drove up to me in a QFC parking lot and was like: “Hey I noticed that dent and I have a service that can fix that back to normal! You’ll save a bunch of money and it will look good as new.” Long story short, I met this guy in a shady garage and he popped out the dent, but did a horrible job repainting it the same shade of green. Now my car is slightly two shades of green. LOL! Never trust someone you meet in a QFC parking lot for vehicle body services – lesson learned!”

There’s some uncertainty over the name of Kevin’s first car. Named ‘Matthew’ by an ex-girlfriend, it was quickly renamed ‘Marcus’ by his next girlfriend. We’re staying out of it…

The Rav4 was a lot more reliable than most first cars. In fact, it made it all the way from Vegas to Seattle! So why did he sell it? He hasn’t! The happy ending to this story is that Kevin and Matt-cus (see what we did there?) are still together.


We’d love to hear your stories about your first car. Share your memories on Twitter or Facebook using #firstcar!

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