Nokian Transformer Tires

Jalopnik calls them James Bond Tires, Motor Trend calls them Go Go Gadget Tires, and Daily Mail Calls them Batman Tires.  No matter what protagonist they’re named after, the new Nokian winter tires earn super hero monikers.

These new concept tires from the innovators at Nokian have performance winter tread for slick weather conditions.  But what really makes these tires special is what they do when you need maximum traction.  With the push of a button from inside the car, these tires have the capability to deploy studs in the blink of an eye.

This is exciting news, especially if you live in a location that heavily restricts or outlaws studded tires to save wear and tear on the roads.  While not currently ready for mass market sale, the technology has the automotive world buzzing.  And it’s got Tred coming up with it’s own name for these futuristic Transformer Tires!

[responsive_youtube qNXL2EEscuE]

aston-martin-v8-volante-the-living-daylight_James-Bond_Timothy-Dalton Batmobile_01_1500 go_go_gadget_by_malditomanu-d4hcefx

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