Onto the Next: How to Find the “Right” Car for You

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to make your next car purchase, you know you’ll need to invest some effort into finding a car that fits you: your budget, your lifestyle, your needs. We’ve put together a roadmap to help you do just that, highlighting what we believe are the important steps.

We’ve designed Tred to minimize the effort you have to spend on the searching and buying process, so you can move on to enjoying your new car with as little hassle as possible, while also helping you to avoid regrets that can result from a lack of information. That’s why we provide a profile and full transparency on all Tred-approved vehicles.

So let’s get started!

Assessing Your Needs


There are some key questions you should have in mind as you prepare to buy your next car, such as what kind of fuel economy, vehicle space, driving and safety features you’re likely to need. We encourage you to think about:

Space. How many passengers will you typically carry? Will you need space for children’s car seats, strollers, etc.? Do you have a sports addiction or a job that will mean you need extra cargo capacity? Also, how much garage or parking space do you have?

Driving features. Do you live in an area that will require all-wheel drive, or the ability to drive in ice and snow? Do you have a professional or recreational need for off-road driving? If you live in the city, do you need urban driving features? Will you be doing any towing?

Safety. What safety features are important to you? There are an increasingly large number of safety options available; you can read our post on researching safety features to help you identify what you want and need.

Fuel economy. Do you use your car for work, or play, or both? Will you be dealing with a long commute? Are you interested in a hybrid or electric vehicle?

Comfort. Comfort features range from having the cup-holders where you want them to heated ergonomic massage seats—knowing what you want in terms of comfort, and where that ranks on your priority list, will help you decide on a car that fits you. You may also need to think about issues like being a tall driver and features that will keep your pets comfortable, too.

Setting Your Budget

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The next step is finance. What is your bottom-line budget, and how are you planning to finance your purchase? It’s also helpful to factor in your expectations of monthly spend on gas, and budget for annual maintenance costs as well.

To offset your cost, you might want to sell your old car. You can do that with Tred, too. While you’re the one in the driver’s seat when it comes to selling, our team can help you out by giving guidance and preparing your car for sale. Then we inspect your car, photograph it, market it on all major used car websites. You can continue to use your car as normal while we handle all inquiries from potential buyers, and then you simply decide on a buyer’s bid you like. Super simple. (You can check out our FAQs on selling to find out more.)

Knowing Your Options (finding cars for sale)

Now you’re ready to look at what’s out there, and this is where we come in! Our search tool is designed to simplify the search process, making it easy to refine your process based on vehicle make and model, year, price, and existing mileage.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 3.31.52 PM

For each car we list, you get the full picture: photographs, a summary, backstory, results of our 150-point inspection, and access to each car’s service and maintenance history upon request. In short, you know just what you’re getting.


If you had your sights on a particular car before you started the search process, you might be surprised to find that—like in many of the best relationships—“the one” isn’t the one you expected.

Our platform (unlike your typical car dealer) helps ensure that you the buyer don’t miss out on great options, because there’s nobody steering you toward any particular item. Our only aim is to get you into the car that’s right for you.

Making the Most of Your Test Drive


Once you’ve narrowed your search down, it’s time for the fun part: test driving!

To get the most out of the test drive, drive the car like you would in your regular day-to-day life. Try the car out in traffic, on highways, on variable terrain if that’s what you’re going to be using it for. Find a safe place to test out the brakes and cornering. See if your child’s car seat fits. In short, take your time and get the full value out of your test drive.

Choosing Your Car


Finally, you’re ready to choose. Maybe you’ll have a gut feeling, or maybe you’ll go through a process of weighing out the various options—how you choose is of course completely dependent on your personality and your needs, and Tred makes it easy to do it without any dealer pressure.

One thing we do recommend is being open-minded about what car will suit you best. It’s crazy how many of our customers thought they knew exactly what they wanted

going in, and tell us that they ended up choosing something completely different—and couldn’t be happier with their choice.


The Buying Process

The buying process with Tred is about as simple and convenient as it gets. You make an offer on the car you want with our bidding tool, and if and when your bid is successful, you can pay online, by transfer or through one of our financing partners. Then we deliver the car to your driveway, and it’s all yours.

Fear of commitment? If you’re worried about changing your mind, know that we have a seven-day buy-back guarantee on most vehicles, so you can relax and enjoy the car shopping experience.

Happy Tredding!


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