Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson – As Cars

The big day is nearly here, Super Bowl 48, Seahawks vs. Broncos, clash of the titans!  Two of the most influential competitors on Sunday will be quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning: a sophomore start-up in the dawn of his career against a veteran QB archetype and prolific passer.  The two Pro Bowlers beg for on field comparison, but why stop there when car comparisons are so much fun?!  If they were cars, what would Manning and Wilson be?  We’re so glad you asked.


Manning is represented by the 1976 Ford Gran Turino.  Specifically, the one from Starsky and Hutch!  It’s iconic, instantly recognizable and everything an American Car should be.  The Gran Turino is a traditional muscle car and Manning is a traditional pocket passing quarterback.  The Gran Turino has a big V8 engine and good straight line speed, and Manning is 6’5″and can only run in a straight lines.  The Gran Turino’s curb appeal has withstood the test of time, and Manning will be a first ballot Hall of Famer.


Wilson is represented by the 1988 Mazda GTX AWD.  Specifically, this awesome rally version!  The GTX is an all conditions mud machine, and Wilson has the quickness and lateral speed help him extend plays and gain yards with his legs.  The GTX has an undersized 4 cylinder engine, and at 5’11” Wilson was said to be too small to play QB in the NFL.  Light and quick, the rally car beats the Turino in 0-60 speed by more than half a second, and Wilson eclipsed Manning’s 40 time by the same margin at the NFL Combine.

Manning-v-Wilson Turino-v-GTX

Obviously, TredHQ is excited for Sunday.  Go RW1, and Go Hawks!

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