Top Rock Climbing Cars

The weather is warming up, and it’s a great time to get outside and do what you love—especially if what you love is getting out on some rocks. Here are our picks for the top rock climbing cars:

One of the perennial challenges for climbers is finding a solid vehicle to support the habit; we need particular things, like space for crash pads, fuel efficiency for long hauls and road trips, a comfortable ride for multiple people who might tag along, the ability to handle potentially rough roads and the occasional off-roading that’s required.

In this post we’re pointing to some of the best, tried-and-true cars for climbers in Seattle, focusing on the features that will help you get out more and enjoy it with less hassle.

Honda CR-V


The roomy Honda CR-V has space for up to four crashpads in the trunk, and all the comfort of a family sedan for those longer road trips. This SUV is known for its practicality and good fuel economy—think great engine, solid performance over time, relatively low maintenance and upkeep costs, but not as many frills for the price, making it a sacrifice of style for pragmatism. However, the model pictured above comes with heated front seats and an upgraded sound system with seven speakers and satellite radio—so you can still get a few frills. Bonus: It’s big enough to sleep in.


Jeep Wrangler


The Jeep Wrangler is a classic that’s pretty much made for the outdoor life. The build can handle rocky terrain and inclement weather, and you get great value for money compared with other SUVs. The Rubicon pictured is equipped with power windows, all weather floor mats and hands-free calling, making your ride that much more chilled. The only downside is you can’t carry more than a few passengers, so best for those who like to fly solo, with a single belayer, or with your dog.


Volkswagen Golf


We recommend the Golf a lot, because, well, it’s a great car. For climbers, it boasts great space for pads for a non-SUV, and great fuel economy, as well as Volkswagen’s excellent reputation for cars that last; you can expect this car to go far with typically minimal maintenance and repairs. The Golf is 4WD so it can, perhaps surprisingly, handle a bit of terrain with no problem. Perfect for the weekend warrior and one of our top rock climbing car picks.


Toyota Tundra


If fuel economy isn’t a major issue for you, ie. if you tend to climb close to home, the Toyota Tundra might be a good call. The extended cab makes it ideal for small groups, and you can use the camper-top cover to make the back a good spot for crash pads, ropes, and/or your furry buddies. The Tundra is basically as good as it gets for rough drives into the crag, and can handle ice and snow, too. The bed is big enough to sleep in if you’re under 6’3. The Tundra pictured above comes with GPS, USB input and heated seats. It’s a perfect car for the winter climber and it’ll be great for the summer days ahead.

Are you a climber with a car to add? Comment away! Leave one for us below or tweet to us.


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