Seahawks Shutout Costs Car Dealership $420,000

Jet Chevrolet, a dealership about 25 miles south of Seattle, organized a contest last week that promised to pay participants $35,000 per person if the Seattle Seahawks held the New York Giants scoreless that Sunday.  If you’re a Seahawks fan, you probably recall that that’s exactly what happened.

The contest was open to everyone, and it was promoted on local radio and in local newspapers.  Part owner of the dealership, Jim Johnson, had wanted to run the promo during the 49ers game, but ended up pushing it back a week to finalize the rules and ensure that they were in accordance with Washington state law.  According to NFL stats gurus Football Outsiders, Johnson and his team picked the third toughest defense in the past 30 years to attach the contest to, not to mention a Giants offense that dropped its first six games of the season.  But enough Monday morning quarterbacking, hindsight is 20/20.

Jet Chevrolet, Tred commends you for thinking outside of the box, for implementing a fun and catchy contest idea, and for seeing it through to the end.  Without question, the promotion succeeded in putting Jet Chevrolet on the map, and in making the 2013 holiday season a gift to remember for a dozen local residents.  That’s a win.

Read more about the promo on ESPN.

Go ‘Hawks!

Jet Chevrolet Promotion

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