Best Seattle Car Buying Services

Most people buy cars infrequently, but technology changes with lightning speed.  As a result, we find that car shoppers often don’t know about the car shopping services that are available to them.  So, we’re about to give you a bunch of info on Seattle car shopping services that might be perceived to be competitive to TRED (we’re talking pros, cons, discounts, corporate affiliations, ridiculous company names, even big hair.)  Doing so aligns with our core value of helping car shoppers at all costs, and we’re sure that the favor will be returned down the road by these great companies.  So pay attention, you might learn about a service that sounds like a fit. Read on to view the full list of the best Seattle car buying services!

Edmunds – A car research, data and advice site, replete with tools to calculate loan payments and trade-in valuation.  When it comes to pricing, Edmunds’ “TMV” is an average of what people are paying for a particular car in your zip code.  Edmunds recently launched PricePromise, which allows dealers to provide a “certified” price via email.

TrueCar – An automotive pricing and information site that brings price transparency to the car buying process.  In particular, TrueCar deserves kudos for being the first site to publish local price reports online as early as 2008.

CostCo – Shoppers can go to CostCo’s site, configure a vehicle, and receive prearranged and discounted pricing from participating dealers (and pick up enough instant oatmeal to raise the Brady Bunch!). Shoppers must be CostCo members to qualify.

Kelley Blue Book – An automotive valuation company that provides market value pricing for new and used cars.  KBB is most commonly associated with pricing information, specifically trade-in values.

CarWoo! – First, you configure your car.  Then, CarWoo notifies its network of dealers, who can submit offers.  You remain anonymous while you choose your offer and dealer.  Last, you print out your certificate and go to the dealer to pick up your car.  Have you ever noticed that exclamation points are as contagious as sneezes?  It’s true, look it up.

TRED – And then there’s us.  Compare cars side-by-side, communicate with sellers safe and securely, get the best car price possible without stepping foot at the dealer.  And of course, you can check out our blog that includes information relevant to cars, car shopping, Seattle, or Seattle car shopping, for that matter.

Now don’t you feel better?  In today’s day and age, with proper preparation and the right car buying assistance, buying your next car can be as fun as driving your next car.  Now that’s a win!

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