Survey Says: Plug-in Hybrids Take the Lead

Diesels? Hybrids? Electric Cars?  It’s a constant debate– which route to go in when purchasing a new vehicle. We see them on the road, and of course, there are plenty of marketing stories, fabricated by OEM’s, enthusiasts, and the like, to make us think one is better than the other.  But what do consumers want?

According to a survey of 804 gasoline buyers nationwide, most consumers are eager to see more plug-in hybrids on the road and would consider purchasing one.  So, what’s a plug in hybrid?  It’s a vehicle with an all electric range (you can plug in to restore an electric charge) that converts to a gas powered hybrid when its all electric range runs out – like the Chevy Volt.  The survey was conducted by Penn, Schoen and Berland, an international market research firm, along with the National Association of Convenience Stores.  (Yes folks, this does make sense.  Most Americans buy gas at convenience stores.)

And the survey says….these are the vehicles that consumers would consider purchasing:

  • PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle): 74%
  • Flex Fuel (alternative fuel vehicle):  62%
  • BEV (battery electric vehicle):  58%
  • Fuel Cell:  58%
  • CNG (compressed natural gas):  53%
  • Diesel: 38%

At the end of the day, actual vehicle sales will dictate the reality of where the auto industry is heading. For now, plug-in hybrids take the lead in consideration.


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