The Best Cars for Tall Drivers

Aside from the obvious pick up trucks, it may be difficult to find a car that accommodates tall drivers. Here's our list of the best cars for tall drivers to help ease the anxiety of testing out cars for head and leg room. Ford Flex  Head room: 41.8 inches Leg room: 40.8 inches Mr. Fluffy... Continue Reading →

Tred December Infographics

Happy 2014 Tred blog readers! It's a brand new year full of possibilities, resolutions and infographics! December was our biggest month yet.  From a brand perspective, Toyota continues to be our most requested name, followed by Honda, Ford, Mazda, Nissan and Subaru.  We also saw an uptick in luxury brand requests for the holidays - almost enough to... Continue Reading →

Bring Home the Bacon!

So where’s the bacon?  It’s on the Ford Fiesta these days!  Perhaps you saw the pic we recently tweeted, but I felt this topic rendered a bit of elaboration.  Sorry, I just had to….for the love of bacon! Ford has come out with bacon vinyl wraps, i.e. custom graphics, to pimp your ride.  Yes, ladies... Continue Reading →

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